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Note that this unit features clips of BTS where they are featured guests for interview and skit segments. If you’re looking for BTS’ appearances on Korean music shows, or their musical+interview appearances on American and British TV, try Unit 7: Live Performances and Tours.

BTS as TV Series Regulars

From February through July 2015, RM was a regular cast member on a weekly TV show called Problematic Men. It is still on television in Korea today (as of 2021), but RM left after the first 21 episodes due to the Red Bullet tour starting. It features six “brainy men” who are given a problem to solve each week. Some of his episodes are on YouTube and you might be able to find some on Kiss. Needless to say he was a MF genius.

From December 2016 through February 2017, V was a regular cast member on Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, a historical kDrama aired weekly for a 16 week run. V appeared in a supporting role as a knight trainee; you can find the show on some Korean streaming services and some short clips of V on the show are on YouTube. V and Jin also sing a song on its soundtrack called It’s Definitely You. 

In 2016, both V and Jungkook were regulars on a show called Celebrity Bromance. V was paired with actor Kim Minjae (February), and then Jungkook was paired with Minwoo from the band Shinwa (July) for separate 5-episode cycles of games and bonding.

In August 2016, Jungkook appeared on King of Masked Singer – just like the North American version of Masked Singer – in a fencing costume. He lasted just two episodes before being eliminated. Apparently Jimin was also on the show in 2017 but there’s no footage online (we think he was a guest judge, not a contestant).

Jin was on several episodes of a reality/survival show called Law of the Jungle in January 2017. You can see his episodes (starting in episode 247 and running for 5 episodes) on some Korean TV show servers.

Variety Show Appearances and Fun Video Interviews

There are a lot of variety shows in Korea. There are even more in Japan and the rest of Asia. BTS has been on many of them, and most of those more than once, and that means there are way too many to list here. You can find some more than are listed here (up to 2017) in this post or this post, and there’s also more here. Note that their appearances on variety shows dropped off after 2017, as that’s when they started filming Run BTS as a weekly show.

Once BTS started getting international attention, they appeared on several YouTube channels as well in cute interview segments. There is literally no way to list them all here (but if you really want to try, the US BTS ARMY website tries valiantly to keep up), but we’ve included some of our favourites here to get you started.

Note that most American late-night talk-show appearances (Cordon, Fallon, Colbert, Ellen) are listed over in Unit 7 in the Musical Performances list.

BigHit Trainee Talk2012This is a pre-debut clip that aired on Korean TV featuring Jo Kwon of the Kpop band 2am. He was invited to come and talk to a room full of BigHit trainees on the subject of romantic love, and how it’s really not possible or recommended when you live the trainee life. You can see various (baby!) BTS members in the audience listening attentively.
After School ClubSeptember 2013
February 2014
August 2014
May 2015
December 2015
This is a Korean show in English, so it’s fun for North American audiences to watch. The host for a long time was Eric Nam, the “Korean Ryan Seacrest” – you’ll see him turn up often on Korean TV shows and he has his own music career, too. The links are for OT7 appearances, but as the designated English speaker of the group, RM has made many other solo appearances on ASC, including this cute visit from May 2014 where he brought along JK and Jimin.

There’s also this adorable and completely chaotic “behind the scenes” clip from 2014 of them getting ready for the show.
1theK “I’m BTS” interviewSept 2013Interview about their N.O comeback, features each member doing an off-the-cuff freestyle rap with pretty funny results
4 Things ShowMay 2014RM was the featured guest on this show which lets a music star talk about 4 misconceptions about themselves. RM’s episode focused on his transition from underground rapper to kPop idol and features comments by the other members of BTS, as well as other rappers. RM also wrote a song specifically for this show called “Unpack Your Bags.”
1theK Let’s Dance – Boy In LuvFeb 2014BTS appears on a segment where they have to teach the public one of their dances, it’s Boy In Luv (one of their hardest dances, best to just watch and enjoy rather than trying this at home!)
Beatles Club2014No idea what this show is, but it is amazing.
Idol Star Athletics Championships2014, 2015, 2016, 2017An athletic competition between idol groups; BTS owned the wrestling and 4×100 relay (but didn’t do well otherwise!). Lots of clips of these are on YouTube. Rumour has it that BTS is now banned from the show for taking selfies on the track, but it’s unconfirmed.
Weekly IdolMay 2014
1theK #hashtagApril 2015Comeback interview about I Need U
Hello Counselor (known in Korean as Annyeonghaseyo)May 2015; March 2017This is a talk show where average people can call in with problems to get advice; guests stars offer thoughts and also share their own experiences. RM and V appeared on the May 2015 episode 223; Jimin and Jin appeared on the March 2017 episode 316.
SBS The ShowMay 2015Short interview segment before they performed I Need U
Japanese Radio Show2015?No idea what or where this is from – it appears to be a Japanese radio show and based on their hair I’m guessing Danger/HYYM era. But man, is this clip EVER FUNNY.
Star KingJune 2015Members of several different groups appeared in this episode (number 447) along with RM and V. Famous for V dancing in super crazy high heels – clip here and full episode here.
Yaman TV on MNetJune 2015BTS were on two episodes of the comedy/variety show Yaman, Episodes 23 and 24. The members are divided into two teams and compete against each other by showing off odd talents, calling each other out for embarrassing things, and sharing fun facts about themselves. It’s pretty hard to believe the stuff that they shared on this show – cringe factor high, but BTS secrets level also high! Episode 1, Episode 2
SBS Pop AsiaJuly 2015You may have seen clips from this one where JK imitates SUGA’s dancing, hilariously, and SUGA just approves rather than getting mad. More clips here and here and here and here.
MTV KAugust 2015Short but adorable clip of BTS fooling around on the streets of NYC to the tune of Boyz With Fun
Same Bed, Different DreamsDecember 2015, March 2016This is a Korean variety show where parents and teens come on to ask a panel of celebs how to sort out their differences. RM was on the 151212 episode, j-hope showed off amazing core strength on the 160328 episode.
Show Champion Behind the ScenesDecember 2015Clips of BTS backstage before performing on Show Champion – they were famously buzzed due to lack of sleep and there is so much chaos!
Changmin’s Music Plaza (also known as Gayo Plaza)December 2015An hour-long radio interview with all 7 members, plus they perform a couple of songs including Paldogangsan. Grainy footage is available of parts of it (you can find parts over at Bangtan Subs and YouTube sometimes has other clips); the most frequently seen clip is of V and Jin doing a hilarious lip sync to Bapsae during a commercial break.
Show Wins – Winner Ceremony / Encore StageVarious DatesIn Korea, there are several weekly music shows that feature idol groups that have a current comeback. On each of these, they choose a winner at the end of the show (it used to be selected from the day’s performers, but in COVID times this has changed and now any band with a current comeback can win, even if they don’t appear).

When a band is chosen as the winner of the show, it’s considered quite prestigious and you will see a lot of idol groups being moved to tears when they finally get a show win for the first time.

The winner is announced with everyone on stage and then they are invited to perform something silly over the closing credits. This is known as the “winner ceremony” and the “encore stage” and BTS has done this several times.

We won’t link to all of them here but most of them are pretty cute and funny – try going to YouTube and searching for “BTS Winner Ceremony” or “BTS Music Show Closing Credits” or “BTS Encore Stage” to find some to explore.

But you absolutely can’t miss a few legendary ones:
I Need U on The Show in May 2015 – Their first ever show win, you can see on RM’s face how surprised and touched they were.

I Need U on M Countdown, second win in May 2015 – The “funny” concept was that they’d all wear lipstick for their encore stage, and the makeup staff trusted Jin to be the one to apply it to everyone, leading to serious chaos.

Run on Music Bank in December 2015 – this is a full Bangtan Bomb of their appearance on Music Bank but you’ll want to check out their encore stage at around the 3 minute mark, when everyone gets their sexy dance on.

Run on KBS Music Bank in January 2016 – CRACKHEAD ENERGY. RM had been sick and we strongly suspect he had taken some cold medication. DO NOT MISS. Here’s another version with more close up footage.

Blood Sweat and Tears on Show Champion in October 2016 – This one is sweet as all the members give a shout out to their parents, and then they perform BST “sexily” and j-hope is FEELING IT.

Blood Sweat and Tears on MCountdown in October 2016 – Most of them are in jammies lying on the ground. Jin and Jimin are in suits because they were the day’s guest hosts.

Spring Day on KBS in February 2017 – Jin invented his own choreo for Spring Day that he showed off during the encore stage and was very serious about it.

Boy In Luv on Music Bank in April 2019 – Opera version!

Boy in Luv on Music Bank in April 2019 (second win) – Poetry version!
BTS Star! InterviewFeb 2016This is a cute interview on Japanese TV where the members have to choose this-or-that style answers. This is the interview where SUGA first says he would like to be reincarnated as a stone in order to avoid exercise.
Part 1 / Part 2
The Boss is Watching2016A one-time SBS special where 20 different kPop groups, including BTS, compete in various challenges under the supervision of a “boss” to see who is the best. Sometimes you’ll see it translated into English as “My Boss is Keeping an Eye on Me” or “The President is Watching.” You can see some excerpts in this YouTube compilation – the original is about 3 hours long and you can find it on Viki (a paid Korean show service) or on DailyMotion.
Running Man2016300th Episode; they underwent a challenge to move boxes of ramen to a truck faster than the series regulars and it’s so, so funny. RM was previously on by himself and I think JK was too.
KBS The Show

First half
Second half
October 2016Watch for its healing powers – Suga sewing, Jin literally crying on demand in an acting competition, and most of all, the birth of the iconic BTS in-joke “Strong Power Thank You.”
Ask in a BoxOctober 2016English subbed version – part 1, part 2
Star Show 360November 2016Full episode was devoted to BTS with clips and challenges, plus cringy video “BTS High School”
Inkigayo Safety VideosNovember 2016What. Even. BTS made these two Traffic Safety videos for Inkigayo:
Traffic Safety Song 1
Traffic Safety Song 2 (note the irony of having RM be the driver!)
Idol PartyMarch 2017Hour-long episode devoted to BTS, notable for j-hope being forced to touch scary stuff in a secret box and a blindfolded dance competition.
BuzzfeedApril 2017
Yahoo eSportsMay 2017BTS chat about which eSports they love
Men on a Mission (in Korea, this is known as “The Knowing Brothers: Ask Us Anything”)June 2017You can watch this episode on Netflix if you have it – season 2, episode 24. It’s very funny and worth tracking down.
MusicBank in Singapore2017Quiz Game clip with j-hope as the MC
Yang Nam Show2017First episode of season 2 of Eric Nam’s new show
1theK Idol: Arcade Clip2017The members play with a stuffie claw machine, and every time they get a stuffie, they have to do a small challenge; the team that gets the fewest must do a funny version of Spring Day.
People MagazineAugust 2017
Let’s Eat Dinner TogetherSeptember 2017Jin and Jungkook appeared on Episode 50 of this Korean entertainment show. Jin and one of the co-hosts wander the streets looking for a random family to have dinner with – turns out they find a family full of ARMY including one who has Jin as her lockscreen! Meanwhile, Jungkook has a snack at a convenience store with the other co-host and shares his thoughts about life and being an idol. You can find short clips/outtakes of this episode on YouTube.
Most Requested Live – Ask Anything ChatOctober 2017Also this very funny clip
Please Take Care of My Fridge, Episode 153October 2017A Korean show where celebs reveal what’s in their fridge. Jin and Jimin attended on behalf of BTS – you can see some clips on YouTube on this playlist. They brought the actual fridge from their dorm with them (a requirement of the show) and JK famously phoned Jin just before the show aired to ask him where the hell the fridge was!
Inikigayo Milk SongOctober 2017This milk song is well-known as an ad/children’s song in Korea and BTS made a little video for it for Inkigayo.
The Morning MessNovember 2017This interview with The Morning Mess – a radio station in Denver – is famously chaotic and crazy.
VogueJanuary 201824 hours in LA with Vogue – features an interview with BTS in a tricked-out tour bus
Most Requested LiveApril 2018Also this Ask Anything chat.
AccessMay 2018
BuzzfeedMay 2018Interview while playing with puppies
J-14 MagazineMay 2018This interviewer is an adorable BTS stan – he has since interviewed them a few times but this is the first.
Radio DisneyJune 2018So Happy Challenge – BTS is given a “try not smile” challenge and only one member manages to outlast the prodding of the other six.
This or That Challenge
Music BankJune 2018The music shows in Korea often use Idols as their guest hosts. BTS have all been guest hosts at some time or another, but this appearance by Jin on episode 932 is well known because it was later in their career. You can see him make dad jokes, interview the BTS maknae line, and famously, help his co-host Solbin out when she cries at the end of the show (this was her last episode after two years as the regular host).
Promotional Clip of BTS as PrincesJuly 2018?Not sure what this is – various reports say it was for the Japan Fan Cafe, or promotional clips for 5th Fanmeeting in Japan. In any case, it’s pretty awesome.
NoiseyOctober 2018Life Questions – famous clip where Jin declares he “has no friends” and the rest of BTS are very offended
LorraineOctober 2018British quiz and quite a nice interview segment
NMEOctober 2018BTS answer fan questions – featuring Namjoon’s famous British accent that always seems to come out when they are having a British interview! Also this Get to Know BTS clip.
Grammy Museum InterviewOctober 2018A long, interesting interview filmed during their visit to the Grammy Museum in NYC
BuzzfeedOctober 2018BTS take Buzzfeed’s “which BTS member are you” quiz
Under Nineteen2019
Part 1
Part 2
J-hope appeared as a mentor for one episode to some young trainees, hilariously.
Hollywood ReporterOctober 2019Random draw question interview, and there was a pretty photo shoot that you can see here. There was also a cover story that was pretty universally panned and hated by ARMY – rather than link to the actual article, we invite you to read this analysis of why it’s off base.
Entertainment WeeklyFeb 2020The Alphabet by BTS
MTV NewsFeb 2020Messages to their future selves
James Cordon – Late Late ShowFeb 2020Carpool Karaoke. THE LEGEND. Watch it now, rewatch it often.
I-Land2020A reality show for rookie idols to compete to form the group Enhypen (which debuted in 2020). BTS were on as mentors for episode 7 and then again for the season finale in episode 12. Their appearances are super chaotic and absolutely endearing, especially in the finale – because it was aired live, there was 100% no filter on V and he took full advantage!

It’s worth watching the whole season though, as PD Bang appears as a judge in some episodes and two famous BTS staff members – choreographer Son Sung-deok and producer Pdogg – appear as mentors for the second half of the season. It’s like a little peek into what debut-era BTS’ lives must have been like. You can find it online on Viki (a Korean show paid service).
Most Requested LiveSept 2020Ask Anything chat, the usual chaos.
VogueSept 2020Behind the scenes of preparing Dynamite for the VMAs, and interview.
GQSept 2020Choosing their individual fashion icons/inspirations
PitchforkOct 2020Breaking down their discography
Vanity FairDec 2020BTS walks through their career and comments on memorable moments.
CosmopolitanDec 2020Drip or Drop clip – talking about their favourite fashions/outfits
Most Requested LiveDec 2020Another chaotic Ask Anything chat, this time without SUGA as he was out with shoulder surgery.
Time Magazine Entertainer of the YearDec 2020Interview portion here.
BE-Hind InterviewsFeb 2021The members interview each other about the process of creating the BE album. This is the version that has all 7 interviews in it, but there are also extended clips of each individual interview on the Bangtan TV YouTube channel.
Yoo Quiz On The BlockMarch 2021Musical challenges and interview segments. Jin famously kept the money they won for himself.
W Magazine DynamiteMarch 2021This clip does not feature BTS in any way but is so weird, it should be watched! W Magazine got many incredibly famous stars to each read a line or two of Dynamite, some with deep passion, some with indifference. It’s very strange and very funny. They also released this extended clip of just George Clooney doing his reading.
The Game CaterersMay 2021Crossover with Run BTS – episodes 140 and 141 of Run BTS were matched with two episodes of The Game Caterers to make a complete 4-episode set. Find the Game Caterers episodes (each broken into three segments) on their YouTube channel.
E Now interview on Indian TVJune 2021With interviewer Sakshma Srivastav. One of their first on Indian television and it’s really good – Sakshma asks them each something that we’d all like to know, and BTS is thoughtful (and a little flirty).
Lee Hyun blogJune 2021Charming clip of the BigHit singer Lee Hyun pretending to be BTS’ manager for the day. There’s a second part, too!
Amazon MusicJuly 7, 2021Interview on the Amazon Music Twitch channel with Jaeki Cho – some good insights and comments by RM and Suga especially. Interview is here but doesn’t begin until about the 35 minute mark.
SBS NewsJuly 2021Appearance on Korean SBS news program after Butter spent several weeks at #1 on the Billboard charts.
WIRED Google Search Results InterviewAugust 4, 2021Very charming interview with BTS in WIRED’s series where stars answer the most common questions in Google’s search results.
Vanity FairAugust 18, 2021BTS Game Show – where the members try to guess what one other member will answer to questions. Charming and informative! For reference, this is the trot song (Jin Jin Jin by Young Tak) that Jin says he can’t resist dancing to in the shower.
NightlineSeptember 24, 2021Interview with BTS and South Korean President Moon after their joint appearance before the UN General Assembly. Part One, Part Two

Memorable Print Interviews and Articles

HanryupiaOct 2014, vol 10Relay interview with RM and Suga where they ask each other questions, translated version here
HanryupiaSept 2015Relay interview with RM and Jin, translation here
Marie Claire2016Rare solo photo shoot for SUGA to mark the release of AgustD. See the collection here.
Singles MagazineJanuary 2017Legendary photo shoot for a Korean magazine – so incredibly pretty, and it got attention because in a couple of the pictures, Suga and j-hope wear skirts and fishnet stockings. Note that V and Jin are missing from this shoot as they were busy with Hwarang and Law Of The Jungle, respectively.
Anan Magazine2017, 2019BTS have been the cover story twice, both times with a very nice photo shoot
Entertainment WeeklyApril 2019Cover story
Hollywood ReporterOctober 2019There was a pretty photo shoot that you can see here. There was also a cover story that was pretty universally panned and hated by ARMY – rather than link to the actual article, we invite you to read this analysis of why it’s off base.
Variety MagazineOctober 2020Cover story plus a gorgeous photo shoot
Esquire MagazineNovember 2020Interview here – also, if you are a member (or willing to purchase a membership), you can read the full transcript of the interviews here. This issue has a GORGEOUS photo shoot, see the photos here.
Wall Street JournalNovember 2020Cover story, plus set of individual covers, one for each member, and a group cover too
Time MagazineDecember 2020BTS named Entertainer of the Year, full cover story
Rolling StoneJune 2021Cover story plus individual interview stories (online only). These were really good – insightful and thoughtful with lots of new information.
KPop Stars book by Park Hee AJune 2021This is a book with interviews with several kPop stars and it features a long one with j-hope. It’s quite good if you can find it with lots of dish on their early days – try this Twitter thread for excerpts.
Billboard MagazineAugust 26, 2021BTS were the cover story for the late August edition of Billboard Magazine. While this story includes an absolutely gorgeous photo shoot, the story itself received widespread criticism and rejection among ARMY for its depiction of the members as controlled by and overworked by BigHit; its poorly researched accusations of chart fixing by BigHit and exploitation of “loopholes” to control the chart by ARMY; and its outright false claims of how BigHit uses Weverse to organize and mobilize ARMY. Read it here to make up your own mind. If you search online you can at least enjoy the photos – look for versions scrubbed of the “Billboard” branding by totally awesome ARMY.
Vogue Korea, GQ KoreaJanuary 2022This was a joint Louis Vuitton photoshoot between the two publications, with separate interviews with each member in each magazine. All of the interviews are insightful, honest, and interesting – definitely track them down if you can. The GQ interviews have English versions on the GQ Australia website – here’s a tweet from well-known translator Bora linking to all of them and here is her list of the English version of the Vogue interviews which are on the Vogue Korea website.
Time MagazineMarch 2022Cover story profile of HYBE, interview with BTS and PD Bang.

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