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Want to see BTS live? So does most of the world, so good luck getting tickets. But happily, a lot of their past concerts are available online (some free, some paid, some…obtainable through questionable means). 

In addition, BTS really brings it when it comes time for televised appearances. In particular, they have turned the MAMA, MMA, and Golden Disc Awards – three of the major Asian music award shows – into their own private mini-concerts in recent years, featuring a medley of old and new songs with seriously spectacular sets and visuals. Most of these are available on YouTube and you should go watch them all immediately.

Before BTS goes on stage, they usually gather as a circle of 7 to do a little cheer. It varies a bit but the most common one is when RM says, “Bangtan, bangtan…” and everyone answers with “Bang-bangtan!” Fun fact: you might notice during these cheers that SUGA always looks away while everyone else looks in.

When watching BTS performing in front of a live audience, you might notice two key things:

Fanchants: In Korea and other places in Asia, it’s considered rude to sing along at a concert, because the audience paid to hear the artist, not you! But because audiences do like to participate, kPop production companies often create “official fanchants” – approved responses and yells that the audience is allowed to do at appropriate breaks in the song.

So, you’ll hear the whole audience being pretty quiet, but then suddenly yelling the same word at exactly the same place in the song. Those are fanchants! You can find them online here and here is a YouTube channel where you can hear them as well.. 

BTS has one famous fanchant that appears at the start of most of their big hits, where the audience chants the names of the members in order. “Kim Namjoon…Kim Seokjin…Min Yoongi…Jung Hoseok…Park Jimin…Kim Taehyung…Jeon Jungkook…BTS!”

This performance of MIC Drop is a great one to watch if you want to see the opening fanchant and other fanchants in action.

Lightsticks: When a kPop band gets popular enough to know they are going to be around for a while – usually after a couple of years and a few hit songs – their production company will introduce a lightstick – kind of like a flashlight that can change colours and respond via bluetooth during concerts. Audience members usually have these and shake them rhythmically during concerts.

The BTS lightstick is known as the “ARMY Bomb” and looks like a little light-up bomb on a stick. It was introduced at the Bangtan Begins: Red Bullet concert in Seoul in 2015. Originally it could only light up with white light, and at the Third Muster, as a surprise for the band, BTS staff members gave the audience a sheer purple cover to put over their bombs to turn them purple. V loved this moment so much he introduced the now iconic BTS phrase “I purple you,” meaning I will love you infinitely, like the colour purple at the end of the rainbow. These days, new ARMY bombs can change to lots of different colours, are Bluetooth enabled, and can sync their colour changes to videos and online concerts – and also very costly!

Past Concerts, and Where to Find Them

For a full listing of every live performance by BTS, consult this Wikipedia page.

As a quick summary, here are their major tours – but don’t forget the Festas, Musters, and Fanmeetings, which were listed in the last unit.

First Japan ShowcaseDecember 7, 2013

two more performances in January 2014
SUGA sits down for most of the December concert because he was ill; after the show he flew back to Korea where he had his appendix out. Find it on YouTube.
1st MusterMarch 2014SeoulAvailable on the Memories of 2014 DVD.
Japan Fanmeeting Vol. 1May 2014Tokyo
Bridge to KoreaJune 2014MoscowA festival in Russia to showcase several kPop acts – see it on YouTube
Show and Prove concert in Los AngelesJuly 2014LAThis was concert they put on for a crowd of just 200 to demonstrate their music in the US – you can see clips of it in the American Hustle Life series. Here’s a short clip of V, JK, and SUGA dancing to Michael Jackson’s Love Never Felt So Good.
KCONAugust 2014LAA concert showcasing several kPop acts to introduce them to the US market – you can see some clips on YouTube, also profiled in the documentary special GO BTS!
First Japan Tour: Wake Up: Open Your EyesFebruary 2015JapanTo promote Wake Up, their first Japanese album; played several dates to a total audience of over 25K. Released as a standalone DVD if you can find it.
BTS Live Trilogy Episode I: BTS BeginsMarch 28/29, 2015SeoulTheir first really big concert in Korea – a second night had to be added when the first sold out quickly. Find this one, and watch it – it’s SO GOOD.

The Olympic Hall where they played held 3000 people each night and BTS was overwhelmed to imagine they’d ever play such a big place.

Available on the Memories of 2015 DVD.
BTS Live Trilogy Episode II: The Red Bullet TourOctober to December 2014; resuming July/August 2015Fall 2014:
Korea, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

Summer 2015:
Australia, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Thailand, Hong Kong
Note that the first part of this tour came before BTS Begins, but the tour as a whole is still known as Episode II of the BTS Live Trilogy.

Featured their first non-Asian tour dates.

Played in halls to audiences of between 5000 and 7000 people.

Available on the Memories of 2014 DVD, or BTS NOW in Thailand DVD (or try here).
Japan Fanmeeting Vol. 2August 2015Tokyo, OsakaIn between Fanmeeting dates, they also played both days of the Japan Summer Sonic Festival 2015, same locations.
2nd Muster
ZIP Code 22920
January 2016SeoulAvailable on Memories of 2016 DVD.
BTS Live – The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On StageNovember/ December 2015;
resuming May to August 2016

This tour is also commonly called HYYH On Stage (HYYH is a short form for the Korean name of The Most Beautiful Moment in Life albums).

The second half of this tour, in 2016, is known officially as HYYH On Stage: Epilogue (or, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage: Epilogue).

Both the original performance and the epilogue version were released as DVDs if you can find them.

In Japan this is known as KYNK Live and you can see some really awesome clips on YouTube, like this one of No More Dream with a dance break, and this legendary encore stage where V in particular was an absolute delight (both of these are from the Epilogue edition).
KCONSummer 2016Paris, NY, LA, Mexico CityAnother showcase of kPop acts to expose them to international audiences, BTS were the headliners. In Paris, they did a medley performance with other acts like Block B, Shinee, and f(x) of the traditional Korean song Arirang, which is a beloved BTS cover song now.
Happy BTS Day PartyJune 13, 2016SeoulStreamed online on vLive on the last day of 3rd Festa; still available for viewing as paid content on vLive (it’s bundled with Bon Voyage season 1 and called “3rd Anniversary Present”)
3rd Muster
November 2016SeoulAvailable as a standalone DVD called ARMY.ZIP.
Japan Fanmeeting Vol. 3Nov/Dec 2016Fukuoka, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka
BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings TourFebruary through to July, 2017
Resuming October to December 2017
South Korea, Chile, Brazil, United States, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan and ThailandThis concert is so good. Find it on the Memories of 2017 DVD, or on a couple different editions of a standalone DVD, and also as a Japanese DVD. You an also purchase the final night in Seoul on vLive.

The whole tour sold out very quickly and broke ticket sales records worldwide for a Korean band (and in some countries, like Chile, for any band). Extra dates were added and in the end they played to a total worldwide audience of over 500K.

A documentary was made from behind-the-scenes footage from this tour, called Burn The Stage, available on YouTube (paid content).
BTS Home PartyJune 13, 2017SeoulConcert held on the last day of 4th Festa, streamed live on vLive. Still available for free viewing on vLive.
4th Muster
Happy Ever After
January 2018SeoulAvailable as a standalone DVD package.
Japan Fanmeeting Vol. 4April 2018Yokohama, OsakaAvailable as a standalone DVD package.
BTS Prom PartyJune 13, 2018SeoulConcert held on the last day of 5th Festa, streamed live on vLive. Still available as paid content on vLive, or part of the Memories of 2018 DVD.
BTS World Tour: Love Yourself
Plus: Love Yourself / Speak Yourself extension
August 2018 through to April 2019 for Love Yourself

Additional dates added to incorporate songs from Persona – this extension is known as Love Yourself / Speak Yourself and ran from May to July 2019, with additional dates in Riyadh and Seoul in October 2019
Love Yourself:
Korea, Brazil, USA, Canada, UK, France, Netherlands, Germany
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Thailand

Love Yourself / Speak Yourself:
USA, São Paulo, London, Paris, Japan, Riyadh, Seoul
Their first international stadium tour, and to date, the last live tour as OT7.

How to watch it:
– standalone DVDs of Seoul and New York from the Love Yourself leg
– standalone DVDs of London (Wembley Stadium) and Sao Paulo from the Speak Yourself leg
– Los Angeles Speak Yourself is on the Memories of 2019 DVD
– London and other European cities from Love Yourself, and New York from Love Yourself, are both available for purchase on Weverse
– Love Yourself Speak Yourself in London (Wembley), Seoul, and Saudi Arabia available for purchase on vLive

The first part of the Love Yourself tour – USA, South America, and Europe – is covered in the documentary film/series Bring The Soul, available for purchase on Weverse.

The second part of the tour in Asia, and then the Speak Yourself extension, is covered in the documentary film/series Break The Silence, available for purchase on Weverse.

In total, the tour played to nearly a million fans.
5th Muster
Magic Shop
June 2019Busan, SeoulFind it, watch it, love it. Available as paid content on vLive (last night in Seoul only) or as a standalone DVD package with one night from Busan plus one night from Seoul.
Japan Fanmeeting Vol. 5Nov/Dec 2019Chiba, OsakaAvailable as a standalone DVD package.
BangBangCon: The LiveJune 2020Online onlyA cute combination of skits, some of their older hits, and some songs from MOTS era that they’d never performed live before. Part of the 7th Festa.

Available for purchase on Weverse or as part of the Memories of 2020 DVD.
Map of the Soul: ON:EOnline streaming performance only, two nights in October 2020Online only; streamed to almost a million total viewersTheir planned MOTS tour of summer/fall 2020 had to be cancelled due to the worldwide coronavirus epidemic.

After testing the digital waters with Bang Bang Con Live, BTS decided to give a digital concert instead to feature the MOTS: 7 songs. The show is a combination of live steamed OT7 songs and pre-taped solos. ARMY are able to join in on a huge video-call during the final few songs.

Available as a standalone DVD.
6th Muster
Online streaming performance only, two nights in June 2021Online only; steamed to 1.4 million viewersAn absolutely delightful show filled with older hits, new songs, and walks down memory lane. The “audience” was filled with video screens of ARMY which was an innovative and fun idea that the members really loved. Featured live OT7 versions of Daechwita and Chicken Noodle Soup, and legendary water fights during both encores.

Currently not available but likely will be on the Memories of 2021 set.
Permission to Dance OnlineOnline streaming performance only, one night in October 2021Online only; streamed to 197 countriesTrailer video here (it’s awesome).
As a precursor to the LA shows, BTS performed the PTD show for just one online performance. Packed from start to finish with all OT7 songs, it focused mainly on the BE album, Butter, and their biggest hits from other eras. Unfortunately V had to sit out for the big choreo numbers due to a knee injury.
Permission to Dance On StageNovember/ December 2021Los Angeles, Sofi StadiumFour nights live in front of over 50K fans per night, this one-locale performance set was a test of how live performances might work in the post-COVID era.
The costumes and songs for this concert were basically the same as for the online version, with the encore songs changing each night. Surprise appearances by Megan Thee Stallion and Halsey.

Notable Award Show and Television Specials/Performances

There are too many to count! Check the Wikipedia link above for a more comprehensive list of their major appearances (although that’s definitely not all of them).

Here are some must-watch favourites – this list is not comprehensive! In terms of finding these online, YouTube is your friend – many have been posted to the Bangtan TV official YouTube channel, the channels of the shows, or by sneaky ARMY who are awesome.

Debut on M CountdownJune 13, 2013No More Dream
Music CoreJune 15, 2013No More Dream
Music WaveJune 24, 2013No More Dream
Music BankJune 28, 2013No More Dream, We Are Bulletproof pt 2
M Countdown Dance ShowcaseJuly 2013Jimin was invited as the “lead dancer” to take part in the M Countdown dance showcase. He performed out in front but j-hope and Jungkook also appeared as his side dancers, and then immediately they performed No More Dream. This performance is here and also exists as a dance practice.
Busan College Music FestivalJuly 27, 2013Performed at a music festival in Busan and did a fansign while they were there. Notable as these were some of the very first fancams taken of BTS – this one of j-hope in particular is legend.
First Comeback on M CountdownAugust 2013We Are Bulletproof pt. 2
M CountdownSeptember 2013N.O
MusicBankSeptember 2013BTS Concept Trailer Performance – this is the legendary performance where both RM and Jimin have major wardrobe malfunctions when they try to tear off their jackets
M CountdownOctober 2013Attack on Bangtan
SBS Gayo DaejeonDecember 2013No More Dream – if you look closely, you’ll see their choreographer Son Song-deuk filling in for SUGA, who had just had appendix surgery
SBS Gayo DaejejeonDecember 2013No More Dream and others, also without SUGA
MMA (Melon Music Awards) 2013December 2013; they won rookies of the year hereNo More Dream, Rise of Bangtan
Golden Disc Awards 2014January 2014; they also won Rookie of the Year hereNo More Dream
Seoul Music Awards 2014January 2014No More Dream, a lovely slow version of N.O
M CountdownFebruary 2014Boy In Luv
Show Champion Special StageMarch 2014This Love and T.O.P – covers of songs by Shinwa
Radio PerformanceMarch 2014Singing Coffee on a radio show – I’m not sure exactly where this is. I think it is while they were in Thailand and could be a clip from their Thailand special?
M CountdownApril 2014Just One Day
Music BankJune 2014Cover of Something by TVXQ
M CountdownAugust 2014Danger, and they also released an individual fancam of this performance for each member a couple of years ago. Try this YouTube search, then scroll down to see the set of 7 fancams.
Music BankAugust 2014Danger – 1:46
Music CoreAugust 2014Danger
Melon 1theK Premiere ShowcaseAugust 2014Danger, War of Hormone, and Let Me Know
M CountdownSeptember 2014Danger
Halloween VideoOctober 2014War of Hormone in scary costumes
Music CoreOctober 2014War of Hormone – very cute performance where Jimin acts like he’s going to ab flash – then shyly does not!
M CountdownOctober 2014War of Hormone
MusicBankNovember 2014War of Hormone
KBS WorldNovember 2014Danger, War of Hormone
Simply kPopNovember 2014War of Hormone
MBC Gayo DaejejeonDecember 2014Danger with a military theme. This performance was a dance battle with GoT7 (not sure who won!). BigHit was so unhappy with the camera work for this performance that they later uploaded their own version (which really is MUCH better) as the “Intro Performance Trailer“.
KBS Year End FestivalDecember 2014It’s Tricky dance cover, also this priceless clip of them dancing with 2pm and VIXX to Happy
M Countdown Christmas SpecialDecember 2014Just One Day, War of Hormone
MAMA (Mnet Asian Music) Awards 2014December 2014Performance battle with Block B, including a performance of Danger; also performed Boy In Luv on the red carpet stage. Danger performance is especially notable as Jimin rips his shirt off!
Golden Disc Awards 2015January 2015Danger (without JK due to visa problems, this performance was in Japan)
M CountdownApril 2015I Need U, War of Hormone
SBS The ShowMay 2015I Need U – this was their first show win.
MusicCoreMay 2015I Need U
MusicBankMay 2015I Need U
Simply kPopMay 2015Boyz With Fun
Dream ConcertMay 2015j-hope did a special dance performance with Yugyeom from GoT7
M CountdownJune 2015Dope, Converse High
MusicCoreJuly 2015Dope
InkigayoJuly 2015Dope
KBSJuly 2015Dope
Billboard Video PerformancesAugust 2015I Need U, Dope
All Force OneSeptember 20, 2015All Force One was a hip-hop/rap festival, and RM was invited to perform here as a soloist. He invited SUGA and j-hope to join him as a surprise. RM performed several tracks from his rm mixtape alone, then several BTS tracks with SUGA and j-hope including Cypher pt2 and Cypher pt3 (with Supreme Boi, who was also performing at All Force One). You can see the full performance here.
Hope ConcertNovember 2015Celebration of Sports World’s 10th Anniversary, BTS did a couple of songs as part of a larger concert featuring many bands. You can see some pics here, fancam video of I Need U here.
MMA Awards 2015November 2015I Need U
MBC kPopDecember 2015I Need U
MAMA Awards 2015December 2015Run, If You. Also they appeared in a promotional video for the 2015 MAMA awards called Countdown to MAMA, where V has some very awkward moments with the other members as he tries to deliver a note to RM.
MusicCoreDecember 2015Run, I Need U
MBC Music FestivalDecember 2015I Need U/Run – Featuring SUGA playing piano and JK dance solo; missing RM as he was sick; they also performed a legendary cover of Shinwa’s Perfect Man
Golden Disc Awards 2016January 2016I Need U
MBC MusicFebruary 2016Gorgeous slow, acoustic version of I Need U
PK JapanApril 2016Run, I Need U, War of Hormone
Play ButtonApril 2016Dope
MusicBankMay 2016Bapsae (Silver Spoon)
InkigayoMay 2016Fire
Muju Korea-China Martial Arts Cultural Exchange FestivalAugust 2016An exhibition concert held in China, BTS performed several songs including Fire, Save Me, Dope, Boyz With Fun – try this playlist for clips
M CountdownOctober 2016Blood Sweat and Tears (first performance in legendary flower coats), Blood Sweat and Tears (second performance in legendary satin pajamas), 21st Century Girl
InkigayoOctober 2016Blood Sweat and Tears – notable for JK’s wardrobe malfunction – his wrap shirt becomes untied and falls open
Show ChampionOctober 2016Blood Sweat and Tears
Halloween VideoOctober 2016Video for fans of them singing 21st Century Girl in costumes
Asia One Festival in BusanOctober 2016This one is a crazy story. BTS was set to perform at the festival, but when RM got injured and couldn’t perform, the festival organizers cut them from the program – without telling anyone, including BTS. When ARMY in the audience found the show ending with no BTS performance, they wouldn’t leave – and eventually the organizers allowed the remaining six members (who were present backstage) to perform after the show was over, without stage lighting, on a confetti-covered stage, just for fans. You can see their post-show performance here.
Music CoreNovember 2016Blood Sweat and Tears
Music BankNovember 201621st Century Girl
KBS WorldDecember 201621st Century Girl
MMA Awards 2016December 2016Blood Sweat and Tears and Fire – they also won Album of the Year here
MAMA Awards 2016December 2016Blood Sweat and Tears and Fire – This is their first truly legendary awards show performance. Features dance solos by Jimin and j-hope to Boy Meets Evil (Jimin is blindfolded, both are so good); and V and Jin recreating a charged moment from the BST video. Plus, BTS won artist of the year here for Wings, and everyone cries – SUGA has an extremely rare moment of public sobbing. 
MBC Gayo Deajejeon 2016December 2016Cover of Rainism, BTS still talks about this all the time, also did a cover of As I Told You in hockey gear (!!), plus they also performed BST and Fire (all without SUGA as he had fallen and injured his ear)
KBS Song Festival 2016December 29, 2016Fire (j-hope famously does SUGA’s final line, as he was still out with an ear injury)
Golden Disc Awards 2017January 2017Retrospective of their career where they perform a medley of their old hits.
KBS WorldJanuary 2017Jimin performed Lie and then had a dance-off with Taemin from SHINee (who is very cool and you should check out his solo work).
M CountdownFebruary 2017Spring Day, Not Today
MusicBankFebruary 2017Spring Day, Not Today
InkigayoFebruary 2017Spring Day, Not Today
Billboard Music AwardsMay 2017Not a musical performance, but this was their first win of Best Social Artist at the BBMAs and the first time a lot of American artists had heard of them. BTS were there to accept their award.
JBTV in ChicagoJune 2017 “The Secret Show” – interview segment plus performed Dope, Fire, Save Me
BTS Comeback Show – DNA EditionSeptember 2017Full hour-long show featuring multiple performances, skits in celebration of DNA; notable as JK reveals in a skit the names of 7 other companies he turned down to go with BigHit, including JYP
M CountdownSeptember 2017DNA, MIC Drop, Go Go.
BTS CountdownSeptember 2017Hour and a half long special featuring a hilarious skit where BTS are office workers, plus musical performances, and double-time dance version of DNA
Halloween VideoOctober 2017Video for the fans of Go Go in Snow White costumes.
American Music AwardsNovember 2017DNA – this was their first ever American TV appearance
The Ellen Degeneres ShowNovember 2017DNA, MIC Drop
Jimmy Kimmel LiveNovember 2017Performed a mini-concert – you can see the full thing on YouTube from fancams. MIC Drop clip, I Need U clip
James Cordon – The Late Late ShowNovember 2017DNA – performed in outfits by Gucci. Also the clip of them playing Flinch is from this visit and is a must-watch
MMA Awards 2017November 2017DNA, You’ll Never Walk Alone, Spring Day
MAMA Awards 2017November 2017Cypher pt 4, DNA, MIC Drop
KBS Song Festival 2017December 2017Spring Day, Not Today, LOST, Cypher pt 4, DNA
MBC New Year’s Eve ShowDecember 2017Go Go – famous performance where they pull out red hearts during the song
SBS Gayo DaejeonDecember 2017MIC Drop, DNA, plus Spring Day with a dance break – the dance break contains signature moves from several of their other big hits
KBS Music FestivalDecember 2017Cypher pt. 4, DNA, Not Today, Spring Day
New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, Los Angeles StageDecember 2017DNA, MIC Drop
Golden Disc Awards 2018January 2018DNA, Not Today, Spring Day
BTS Comeback Show – Highlight ReelMay 2018Hour long special featuring many musical performances to launch Love Yourself: Her
M CountdownMay 2018Fake Love, Airplane pt 2, Anpanman
MusicBankMay 2018Fake Love, Anpanman
SBS Comeback SpecialMay 2018Fake Love
SBS The ShowMay 2018Fake Love – this is the legendary performance when RM (God of Destruction) accidentally rips open JK’s shirt during the choreo (during SUGA’s rap part)
InkigayoMay 2018Fake Love, Anpanman
Billboard Music Awards 2018May 2018Fake Love – JK flashed his abs here and broke the internet
Ellen Degeneres ShowMay 2018Fake Love, Airplane pt 2 – also features interview clip where BTS is given a jump scare, and BTS hiding in the Friends set to surprise fans
James Cordon – The Late Late ShowMay 2018Fake Love
MusicCoreJune 2018Fake Love
Inkigayo/SBSJune 2018Fake Love
M CountdownAugust 2018I’m Fine/Save Me – ICONIC performance where the words I’m Fine spin around to create Save Me
Love Yourself Tour, LA ConcertSeptember 8, 2018Fake Love (This is a fancam of the concert, but we include it here for the legendary sheer shirts the members are wearing!)
MusicBankSeptember 2018I’m Fine
InkigayoSeptember 2018I’m Fine
Jimmy Fallon – The Tonight ShowSeptember 2018Idol, I’m Fine – plus interview clip, plus Fortnite Dance Challenge
Good Morning AmericaSeptember 2018Idol
America’s Got TalentSeptember 2018Idol
MMA Awards 2018November 2018Fake Love, Airplane pt 2, Idol – SO SO GOOD
MGA Awards 2018November 2018I’m Fine/Save Me, also performed We Don’t Talk Anymore and Fake Love with Charlie Puth
MAMA Awards 2018December 2018Fake Love, Idol, Airplane pt 2, and more – SO GOOD. Also, they win Album of the Year and everyone cries, and Jin reveals that they almost broke up earlier in 2018. Plus, they did an additional performance of Fake Love and Anpanman for the Japanese night of the awards (MAMA usually has the awards in Hong Kong, then a separate night of performances in Japan.)
KBS Song Festival 2018December 2018Compilation of songs from Love Yourself, plus Fake Love with dance break
The Grammys 2019January 2019Not a musical performance, but their first visit to The Grammys – red carpet interview plus presented an award
Golden Disc Awards 2019January 2019Fake Love (SO GOOD), Idol
ArmypediaJanuary 2019An hour-long show with skits and interviews, plus acoustic performances of some of their oldest hits including No More Dream, Just One Day, and Like
M CountdownApril 2019Dionysus, Boy With Luv, Make It Right 
InkigayoApril 2019Dionysus
MusicCoreApril 2019Dionysus
Saturday Night LiveMay 2019Boy With Luv, MIC Drop – Emma Stone was the host 
Stephen Colbert – The Late ShowMay 2019Make It Right, Boy With Luv (performed as if they are the Beatles) – plus interview clip (where they sing Hey Jude) and BTS Mania clip
Billboard Music Awards 2019May 2019Boy With Luv (performed with Halsey)
The VoiceMay 2019Boy With Luv
MMA Awards 2019November 2019Almost a mini-concert, an absolute must watch. Every member gets a solo dance/performance to one of their past hits, plus perform Persona, Boy in Luv, Boy With Luv as a group, plus the most EXTRA performance of Dionysus ever
MAMA Awards 2019November 2019Legendary recreation of N.O and We Are Bulletproof pt 2 plus also performed Dionysus, Boy In Luv and Mikrokosmos
KBS end of year music festivalDecember 2019Dionysus, Boy With Luv, Go Go, Home, Mikrokosmos – these are all gorgeous; also participated in The Earth Traveler, a group number – see the video here
MNet Love Yourself SpecialDecember 2019MIC Drop, DNA, Fake Love, Save Me/I’m Fine, Idol – This is not really a live performance, but just a compilation of MNet performances that they combined into a special. But all of these are SO AMAZING you will want to put this video on repeat.
SBS Gayo Daejeon Christmas SpecialDecember 2019A variety of hokey Christmas songs (hip hop is dead!), also Dionysus
Times Square New Year’s Rockin’ EveDecember 2019Boy With Luv – plus ball drop with Post Malone
Golden Disc Awards 2020January 2020Boy With Luv, Mikrokosmos, Dionysus, also the vocal line performed Dimple and the rap line did a medly of their Intros
The Grammys 2020January 2020Performed Old Town Road (Seoul Town Road) with Lil Nas X, among others – a bit of a cringey performance because BTS deserved better (so did Lil Nas X, for that matter)
James Cordon – The Late Late ShowJanuary 2020Black Swan, plus interview clip, plus absolutely hilarious Hide and Seek game with Ashton Kutcher
M CountdownFebruary 2020Black Swan, ON – if you look closely at the ON performance, you might spot bandages on Jimin’s elbows – these were covering fresh tattoos he got of the words “young” and “forever”
Music BankFebruary 2020Black Swan
Jimmy Fallon – The Tonight ShowFebruary 2020Grand Central Station performance of ON, plus interview clip, subway olympics, Katz’s deli
James Corden – The Late Late ShowFebruary 2020CARPOOL KARAOKE. Although James Corden has fallen out of favour with ARMY lately for jokes made about BTS, this clip remains one of our all-time favourite BTS clips and the one that made us fall down the BTS rabbit hole.
Inkigayo – Director’s CutMarch 2020Black Swan
James Cordon – The Late Late ShowMarch 2020Interview, Boy With Luv performed remotely in their dance studio
YouTube Class of 2020June 2020Boy With Luv, Spring Day, Mikrokosmos – plus each member gives an inspirational speech to the graduating class during quarantine
Bang Bang Con LiveJune 2020Skits, interviews, and live performances of songs from MOTS: 7 – this was part of Festa 2020 and a test run for future online performances – available for purchase on Weverse and it’s also on the Memories of 2020 DVDs
MTV VMA Awards 2020August 2020Dynamite – pre-recorded due to COVID shutdown, this was the first of over 30 award and TV show performances of Dynamite during fall 2020
Jimmy Fallon – The Tonight ShowSeptember 2020BTS were the “artist in residence” for a week and did a performance plus some other content every night for five nights. Everything here is SO GOOD. 
Performances include: Idol, Mikrokosmos, Black Swan, Home, and Dynamite. Clips include: interview #1, interview #2, Dynamite acoustic version, Dance Your Feelings, and Zoom Olympics
CITI Music Series, The Today ShowSeptember 2020Anpanman, Dynamite
Tiny Desk ConcertSeptember 2020Dynamite, Spring Day, Save Me – MUST WATCH. Also this Bangtan Bomb of the Dynamite part is essential.
I Heart RadioSeptember 2020Dynamite, Spring Day, Boy With Luv, Make It Right
Dynamite Awards Show TourSeptember – December 2020Performed Dynamite over 20 times on various awards shows and talk shows – each one is unique in terms of sets and costumes. Some to check out include America’s Got Talent (THE BEST), Japan’s Music Day, Grammy Museum, Good Morning America, Billboard Music Awards, Radiodotcom Awards, Gyeongbokgung Palace, NTV Awards, Time Magazine entertainer of the year, FNS Music Festival, FACT Music Awards, Japan Record Awards, CDTV Christmas Special, Tokopedia, KBS World  Many of these are missing SUGA as he had shoulder surgery.      
James Cordon – The Late Late ShowNovember 2020Full custom-made video for Life Goes On and Dynamite, absolutely fabulous, plus interview clip (interview missing SUGA as he had shoulder surgery)
Good Morning AmericaNovember 2020Life Goes On – performed in PJs, very healing
American Music AwardsNovember 2020Life Goes On, Dynamite
MMA Awards 2020November 2020Black Swan (ballet dance performance), Life Goes On, ON, Dynamite (legendary dance break version)
MAMA Awards 2020December 2020ON, Life Goes On (with SUGA digital projection!), Dynamite
SBS Gayo Christmas EditionDecember 2020Life Goes On, Dynamite, Black Swan (with snowman SUGA)
KBS Song FestivalDecember 2020Dynamite, I Need U (recreation of their first show win), gorgeous version of Life Goes On
New Year’s Eve Live Concert 2021 – HYBE LabelsDecember 2020Paid online concert featuring all the HYBE label extended acts, including TXT, Gfriend, and Seventeen. BTS performed several songs as well. Paid content on Weverse.
Golden Disc Awards 2021January 2021AMAZING. Black Swan, ON, Life Goes On, Dynamite Slow Jam version, plus the return of SUGA.
MTV UnpluggedFebruary 2021Acoustic versions of Telepathy, Blue & Grey, Fix You (Coldplay cover), Life Goes On, Dynamite – a must watch
The GrammysMarch 2021Dynamite – performed the night before the Grammys for the MusicCares fundraising concert, with JK playing drums; then again during the actual awards show (pretaped from Korea)
Let’s BTS!March 2021Korean talk show featuring interview segments plus slowjam performance of Dynamite and Life Goes On, also featuring What We Want to Hear challenge and other interview segments
TokopediaApril 2021Jenga interview and also performed Life Goes On
Lotte Family Concert 2021May 2021Life Goes On, Telepathy, Dynamite
Billboard Music AwardsMay 2021Butter
Late Night with Stephen ColbertMay 2021Cute skit where they introduce funny hand gestures to the world (and all of them speak in English!) – plus Butter
Good Morning AmericaMay 2021Butter, Dynamite
CDTV (Japanese Television show)June 2021Film Out, absolutely gorgeous; one week later performed Butter
Music BloodJune 2021Japanese language interview plus performances of Film Out and Butter
The Best Online ShowcaseJune 2021This was an hour-long special that was broadcast only to members of their Japanese fanclub, to promote the launch of The Best. Here’s a clip from it of Film Out.
Sirius FMJune 30, 2021Performed Butter and Dynamite, plus a short interview segment
Naver NOWJuly 9, 2021Very charming half-hour long “talk show” where they pretend to be each other, plus performance of Butter, Spring Day, and Permission to Dance. SO GOOD – put it on repeat.
Jimmy FallonJuly 13/14, 2021Live (remote) Interview segments (part 1 and part 2), plus performances of Butter and Permisson to Dance (pre-taped from Korea). The Butter performance was on the World Cup Bridge in Korea, which wasn’t open to the public yet. The PTD performance was filmed at Airjoy, a closed shopping mall in Yeongjong-do – closed as it is attached to an airport that was closed due to COVID-19. One week later, added a cute clip of them playing a “Will it Fit” game with Jimmy.
Summer 2021 promotional performancesJuly/August 2021Various promotional performances over the summer, including TBS Music Day In Japan (Butter), FNS Music Festival (Butter), TBS Music Day – Ongakunohi 2021 (Permission to Dance), Tokopedia (Butter, plus cute interview)
BBC Radio 1 Lounge LiveJuly 27, 2021Performed Dynamite, Permission to Dance, and a special cover of Puff Daddy & Faith Evans’ I’ll Be Missing You. Full interview (it’s really good) here. Several weeks later, they also released a performance of Butter from the same recording.
UN General AssemblySeptember 20, 2021BTS gave a speech before the UNGA in New York – their first time leaving Korea in almost two years – about youth’s reaction to the Covid-19 crisis and how they are responding with hope, strength, and fresh ideas. They also performed Permission to Dance at the UN (pre-taped the day before their live speech) and it is so inspiring. There was an interview, too.
Global Citizen LiveSeptember 25, 2021Performed Permission to Dance and Butter (pre-taped).
Fact Music Awards 2021October 2, 2021Won several awards, and performed Boy With Luv (pretaped), Permission to Dance (pretaped) and Butter (live).
AMA Awards 2021November 21, 2021Basically this was “BTS Night at the American Music Awards.” They performed twice – My Universe with Coldplay, and Butter on their own. They also won three awards – Artist of the Year, Song of the Year (Butter) and Group/Duo of the Year, giving charming speeches each time, and practically every other person there grabbed a selfie with them.
The Late Late Show with James CordenNovember 23, 2021Cute interview segment (where RM famously calls out James for an ARMY-related “joke” that ARMY did not appreciate), then performed Permission to Dance.
iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2021December 3, 2021Performed Butter and Dynamite, and they brought out a huge cake to celebrate Jin’s birthday.

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