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The Festas

BTS debuted on June 13, 2013, and every year they celebrate that anniversary with a Festa – a week-long event where they release exclusive fan content every day. This might mean photos (they have a special “family” photo shoot every year), solo tracks, behind-the-scenes videos of dance practices and public appearances, and interview footage. In most years there has also been a concert of some sort on the last night, which is often streamed online, even in years when an in-person audience was also in attendance.

The Festas have yielded some of the best BTS content out there and it’s worth it to track it all down. A few of the concerts are paid content on Weverse, but most of the rest of the content is still available for free on Weverse, Soundcloud, or YouTube. Start with this link on Weverse that collects Festa goodies and the BTS Wiki which has a large repository of images and links, too. This awesome spreadsheet made by @LadyNuala on Twitter links to original sources and best quality versions of all the Festa pics throughout the years, and here’s a great playlist of video content from Festas on YouTube.

In the past, Festa usually began on June 6 or 7 and there was new content every day for a week leading up to June 13, but it’s gotten bigger each year and now there’s often a few weeks of fun in June. And don’t forget that ARMY’s birthday is July 9 – the day the ARMY fandom name was announced – so there’s often a few extra goodies that day, as well.

First Festa – June 2014

Second Festa – June 2015

Third Festa – June 2016

Fourth Festa – June 2017

  • Photo collection 
  • We Don’t Talk Anymore by JK and Jimin 
  • BTS Cam version of Wings – performance at a concert in Sydney
  • Not Today choreo practice video – features Jungkook’s “slow motion forward roll” during the bridge
  • I Like It pt 2 dance practice (is j-hope the smoothest man alive? Discuss) 
  • 4 o’clock – song by V and RM 
  • So Far Away – originally an AgustD song, here performed by SUGA with Jin and Jungkook 
  • Annual radio show  (Subbed)
  • BTS Home Party – a special concert shown live online, it was free but the 3 encore songs were for subscribers only. The Blood Sweat and Tears BTS parody is from this concert, also Jin and Suga winning Best Roommates (Jin raps, Suga sings trot, SO SO FUNNY), plus “baby” version of Dope, plus SO MUCH MORE, an absolute treasure. You can still watch it (without the extended encore) for free on Weverse.
  • BST parody clip only 

Fifth Festa – June 2018

This Festa featured a 2-hour concert called Prom Party. You can buy it on Weverse and it’s also on the Memories of 2018 DVD package.

Prom Party clips online:

Fifth Festa Prom Party follow up: during the Prom Party, they do a “test” and j-hope comes last, and he needs to be given a punishment. The other six members combine to create a “punishment” that actually includes them all going to drink rice wine at Suga’s parents’ house in Daegu in a month’s time. They can’t make it to Daegu due to their schedules but they do go out to dinner together and get drunk and then put it all on vLive:

Other 5th Festa stuff:

Sixth Festa – June 2019

Seventh Festa – June 2020

Eighth Festa – June 2021

Ninth Festa – June 2022

This Festa coincided with the release of Proof and the single Yet To Come, which were dropped on June 10, 2022 – and so there was a lot of overlapping content. The content below was specifically for Festa.

Tenth Festa – June 2023

Although Jin and j-hope were in the military, Festa happened anyway with the drop of some new content and some live celebrations in Korea as it was BTS’ 10th anniversary.

Eleventh Festa – June 2024

We got Jin back! While all the other six members were still serving in the military, Jin was released just in time on June 12, 2024. The other members (except SUGA) came to pick him up; later they met up with SUGA as well at the HYBE building and we got the first OT7 photo in months.

With Jin a civilian again and the only member able to appear publicly, it meant an all-day love fest with him on June 13, 2024. First there was an event for a lucky 1000 lottery winners where they got to hug Jin (!!). Later, he did a special performance for 4000 ARMY where he sang, did dance challenges, did a mukbang, and was generally his same old charming self.

Other 11th Festa goodies:

The Musters

The Musters are special concerts that BTS hosts for their fans – so far these have only taken place in Korea. The first Muster was a one-time concert in Seoul in 2014 and BTS was thrilled to have over 3000 people in attendance, which seems very quaint when watching it today!. 

Musters don’t follow a regular schedule; so far there have been six of them, with some of them also being performed in Japan as Japanese Musters or Fanmeetings. The more recent Musters have had multiple nights and sometimes multiple locations.

The Musters are some of the best concerts you’ll see and are well worth finding online or buying on DVD (even though they cost a fortune). Fifth Muster in particular was a spectacular journey through their older songs and an absolutely entertaining, dazzling concert from start to finish, but all are great.

First Muster – March 2014

Seoul Olympic Hall, audience of 3000

The members are very young here – JK is only 16, Jimin and V are 18 – and so excited to be having their first really big concert. They perform just about every song from the Skool era as well as a few covers. Has a skit where the members have to watch something scary, and no one is scared except poor j-hope.

1st MUSTER :​

Making of:

Second Muster: Zip Code 22920 – January 2016

Originally set for June 2015 but cancelled due to MERS outbreak; Hwajung Gymnasium and 9000 people attended

Includes a long interview segment in addition to song performances. A challenge wheel makes various members have dance offs and sing offs; members get to anonymously “complain” about each other.

part 1 :

part 2 :​

Third Muster: ARMY.ZIP+ – November 2016

Total attendance over two dates 38000, Gocheok Sky Dome

Also has a long skit/interview segment. Suga and V have a high note/low note sing-off, there’s a long relay race, and they perform on segways. Host is Kim Young-chul, a Korean comedian and one of the hosts of the variety show Men on a Mission (aka Knowing Bros).

part 1 :

part 2 :

making film :​

There’s also a legendary skit video called House of ARMY made for this muster that is a must watch.


4th Muster: Happy Ever After – January 2018

Gocheok Sky Dome, two dates, total attendance 40000


  • Has the cotton candy memories opening VCR and overall theme
  • ARMY Bomb fairy skit where they wear giant foam ARMY bomb heads
  • Very cute fashion show where they wear animal onesies, but Jungkook is unexplainably a really tough carrot – and they perform I Need U in these (for the second date, which is not the DVD date, they mix up the animal onesies and this time Jin ends up with a silly chicken costume)
  • Performance of Come Back Home – cover of a Seo Taiji and The Boys song with some new lyrics – also released as a digital single on Soundcloud in 2017
  • No More Dream performed with a kick-ass dance break
  • Legendary MIC Drop performance where SUGA’s earpiece doesn’t work, and RM and j-hope rap his parts instead

Fifth Muster: Magic Shop – June 2019

4 dates (2 Busan, 2 Seoul)

You can buy this one in digital version on Weverse- it is the last night, the second concert in Seoul. You can also buy it as a DVD package and it contains footage from both the Busan and the Seoul performances, but the package is now out of print and costs several hundred dollars online.

Unlike the other Musters, this one doesn’t contain a lot of skits or interview segments; it’s jam-packed with all their old hits from start to finish, intercut with a very funny video segment where Jungkook seeks therapy from the other six members.

Sixth Muster: SoWooZoo – June 2021

Online only, two performances

(Note that “SoWooZoo” is a more-or-less literal romanization of the title of the song “Mikrokosmos” in Korean.)

Combined with the 8th Festa, BTS performed for two nights online in June 2021; each night has slightly different content. The first night features an OT7 performance of the AgustD (Suga) song Daechwita; the second night features their Japanese song Film Out and an OT7 performance of j-hope’s solo track Chicken Noodle Soup, with RM and Jimin covering Becky G’s Spanish language section.

Both nights included some chit-chat segments where they remember old Musters and dive into their Twitter fandom hashtags, and there is a VCR (pre-taped video story) cut into both nights where the members drive in a camper van through a wasteland in search of a vibrant garden as their safe place. Both nights also devolve at some point into a member-on-member water fight; the second night sees quite a few dumpings!

Japanese Fanmeetings

Things can sometimes get really confusing online because BTS also does fan-focused special concerts in Japan. These are technically known as “Japan Fanmeetings” but are sometimes called Musters, and often have the same name as the Korean Musters. So if you are looking around for them online or looking to buy DVDs, make sure you are getting the version you want – Korean versus Japanese.

The Japanese Fanmeetings are worth tracking down though, because they often include very funny and offbeat content that you won’t see anywhere else. It’s also the only place that they perform their Japanese songs live, so if you love those, you can get a rare chance to see BTS sing them in front of an audience.

BTS Japan Official Fanmeeting VOL 1: 2 performances in May 2014 in Tokyo

BTS Japan Official Fanmeeting VOL 2: Undercover Mission – 5 performances in August 2015 in Tokyo and Osaka. In between the fanmeeting solo performances, they also dropped by the Japan Summer Sonic Festival 2015, in the same two cities.

BTS Japan Official Fanmeeting VOL 3: Reaching You – 8 dates in Nov/Dec 2016, in Fukuoka, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka

BTS Japan Official Fanmeeting VOL 4: Happy Ever After – six performances in April 2018, 4 in Yokohama, 2 in Osaka. Shares a lot of content and same general theme with the 4th muster.

BTS Japan Official Fanmeeting VOL 5: Magic Shop – two days in November in Chiba, and two days in December 2019 in Osaka. Shares a lot of content and same general theme with 5th muster.

Bang Bang Con

When the MOTS:7 tour that should have happened in 2020 had to be cancelled due to COVID, BigHit created Bang Bang Con (“a concert in your room”). It was two days of live streamed past concerts, for free over Weverse, so ARMY could share an online concert experience. The event was such a smash that it led to Bang Bang Con The Live in June of 2020, which was their first (of many) live streamed concerts.

Since then, BigHit has repeated Bang Bang Con most years since, either in May or June, often coinciding with Festa. The lineup is usually three past concerts for 12 hours total of live streaming – which can be a challenge for North American audiences in particular as it usually runs overnight. Don’t plan on taking breaks in between the concerts either – BigHit will usually play rare videos and even drop never-before-seen content then to keep you in your seat.

It’s really fun to see baby BTS performing (honestly, their early concerts are astonishingly good given their age – how is it they have SO MANY bangers?) and it’s fun to hang with ARMY all night on Twitter/TikTok/Instagram/your social platform of choice. So get snacks ready, get your jammies on, chug some coffee, and Bang Bang Con away.

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