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Hip Hop Monster

In August 2014, BTS launched a short-lived Webtoon called “Hip Hop Monster.” Each member had an animal character:

  • Jimin – cat (top left)
  • Jungkook – bunny (top middle)
  • V – monkey (top right)
  • Jin – wolf (bottom left)
  • j-hope – horse (bottom left-middle)
  • RM – duck (bottom right-middle)
  • SUGA – turtle (bottom right)

You could buy merch with their characters on it and you will sometimes see them with this swag in their early Bangtan Bombs, especially stuffies. You can read a subbed version over at Bangtan Subs.

We On: Be The Shield

We On is a series of Webtoons released by BigHit in 2014 and 2015, featuring the members re-imagined as superheroes with various powers who have to come together to save the world. You can read English subbed versions of some of the issues on Bangtan Subs or on this Wattpad; see a full list of all issues on BTS Diary.


Naver – the biggest search engine in Southeast Asia – has a series of cartoon characters called Line Friends that it uses to promote their brand.

In 2017, they invited BTS to each design their own new character for Line Friends. This group of characters are called BT21 collectively. There is a series of animated episodes on YouTube featuring BT21, as well as a multi-part documentary on the BT21 channel showing BTS creating the characters. You can also buy literally anything with the characters on them, from blankets to clothes to pencil cases to phone cases to home decor items to…well, you name it. You can buy official BT21 merch from the Line Friends online store and they sometimes have items at Hot Topic in Canada/USA too; there’s tons of knock off stuff online as well if you’re willing to settle for that.

Although each member has his own associated character, it’s Jin’s character, RJ, that is the real standout. Jin adores RJ and travels everywhere with a large stuffed RJ that he sleeps with. He uses a lot of RJ merch and has gifted RJ keychains and other items to the staff, so you will see RJ popping up often! In Bon Voyage 4, Jin famously spotted a stuffed RJ in a shop window at the airport and could not resist immediately buying it, even though he already had his own RJ in his suitcase.

The characters are: 

  • white llama RJ (Jin)
  • brown angry chocolate chip cookie Shooky (Suga) – is Cooky’s best friend
  • purple/blue masked pony Mang (j-hope) – never removes their mask (well, until April 2023!)
  • blue koala Koya (RM) – has removable ears
  • puppy in a yellow hoodie Chimmy (Jimin)
  • alien with a red heart for a head Tata (V)
  • pink bunny Cooky (Jungkook) – is a workout king
  • grey/white robot Van, who represents ARMY and is Tata’s intergalactic travelling companion; he was designed by the Line Friends designers and works in the comics to protect all the friends.

In March 2023, just before enlisting, j-hope decided it was time for Mang to take off the mask. He redesigned Mang and there is a surprisingly moving series of videos about Mang’s new look. Episode 1 / Episode 2 / Episode 3 / Episode 4 / Episode 5 / Episode 6 – The Reveal! / Episode 7 / Episode 8 / Episode 9 / Episode 10 / Episode 11 / Episode 12 / Episode 13

This is what Mang looks like now – he’s a chipmunk! He still pulls on his mask when dancing and when insects come around :).

Tiny Tan

Tiny Tan are sweet little animated versions of BTS that are just adorable. BigHit introduced them in October 2019. 

BigHit has released some videos and shorts featuring Tiny Tan being super cute as they help an ARMY girl find time to work on her music and to feel happy. There are full-length Tiny Tan videos for MIC Drop and 00:00, as well as other shorter pieces. All can be found on the Official Tiny Tan YouTube channel and you can buy Tiny Tan merch at the Weverse shop. They also feature in the video games In The Seom and Tiny Tan House.


In November 2022, Jin released his solo song The Astronaut, and in conjunction with this invented a new cuddly astronaut character, Wootteo. You can see lots of very cute pics of animated Wootteo following Jin around through his Astronaut promotions on his Instagram feed.

Of course merch was made – you can find stuffed Wootteo on the Weverse shop and other associated merch too. Here’s a cute “interview” with Wootteo and Jin, too.

Video Games

Want to join BTS in some video game action? You have a few choices.

BTS World (discontinued) was released in 2019, and discontinued in December 2023. You role-played as the band’s manager and have to complete levels that more-or-less follow the path of their actual career. There’s also side quests for each member that are completely fictional and show each member in a non-band related role. The game included little videos on some of the “cards” in the game as well as longer clips for the main and side quests, and you can still find these online sometimes.

BTS Universe (discontinued) was released in 2020, and discontinued in the summer of 2023. It was a more unstructured game, loosely based on the fictional BU as defined in the Most Beautiful Moment In Life era. The idea was that you will guide the characters to help each other work through their problems, but you’re also free to program them to do lots of other things, which has led to some pretty funny clips online (and probably some content that isn’t really safe for public viewing). You might see animated clips people made with it online from time to time.

MapleStory is an online role-playing game created in Korea by Nexon that Jin loves. Many of the other members play from time to time, but Jin is known as the real devotee. In 2020, Jin and the rest of BTS did a collaboration with MapleStory where they built new purchasable skins and remembered their youth fondly; you can see this 3-part video series on the MapleStory YouTube channel and there is still some BTS content in the game itself. Episode 1 / Episode 2 / Episode 3

In August 2022, Jin visited the Nexon MapleStory offices again and gave a presentation of his ideas for the game – this was turned into a small series on the MapleStory YouTube channel. Teaser / Episode 1 / Episode 2 / Behind the Scenes

Rhythm Hive is a note-matching and battle game where you collect cards, either via story levels or one-on-one battles with other players. You then upgrade those cards or use them as a set to unlock songs. This game features many of the extended HYBE acts and includes songs by BTS, Enhypen, TXT, and SEVENTEEN as potentials for unlocking. It was released in February 2021.

Free Fire is an online battle/shooting game and BTS had a collab with them in March 2022. They designed their own characters and skins, and these became available for purchase in the Free Fire shop. You can see several different videos of them designing their characters and playing the game on YouTube.

In The Seom is a matching and world-building game released in 2022 modelled on In The Soop – it’s kind of like Candy Crush but with absolutely adorable renderings of the members and recreations of some of their more legendary moments. You can see a cute series of videos of the members being involved in the design process on the In The Seom YouTube Channel.

BTS Dream: Tiny Tan House is a video game featuring the Tiny Tan versions of BTS, where you can build them a dream home and recreate their videos, released in August 2022 – trailer here.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is an endless running style game in the Cookie Run series that includes cookie versions of BTS as avatars. BTS also recorded small sayings and exclamations for use in the game in 2022. You can see clips of members recording on the Cookie Run YouTube channel: RM, Jin, Suga, j-hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook. There’s also a small series of them designing their characters: Episode 1, Episode 2.

7 Fates: CHAKHO

7 Fates: CHAKHO is a fictional webtoon that features the members re-imagined as fighters for justice (inspired by the tiger hunters, or “chakhogapsa,” of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea). Set in a dystopian near future, the group must track and fight the Beom – evil tiger and bear spirits that are at war with humanity. You can see a live action trailer here, and a trailer for the webtoon here.

It was released in January 2022 on the Wattpad HYBE Stories Channel (as a novel, paid content for advanced access but will likely release the chapters to the general public at some point) and on the HYBE Webtoon Channel (as a graphic novel, chapters released weekly).

Although inspired by BTS, their characters in the webtoon have different names. They are:

  • RM: Dogeon, a law enforcement officer and gun expert whose job is to track beom
  • Jin: Hwan, an expert archer who is driven to hunt beom after his family is killed
  • Suga: Cein, a man who was attacked by beom and who is recovering from his trauma with the help of his new friends
  • j-hope: Hosu, a hunter who was kidnapped by beom and forced to do something unspeakable to earn his release – and now has mysterious golden eyes as a result
  • Jimin: Haru, a spirit with special powers who was once the rock guarding the beom entrance to this world, and now has been brought to life
  • V: Jooan, a hunter who tracks and kills beom, but who also is in love with one
  • Jungkook: Zeha, a youngster who suddenly discovers after a beom attack that he is half-beom with special powers, but must keep it a secret from his new friends

Where to get merch: Weverse Shop and Third Parties

Weverse has its own shop for BTS merch and there you can buy things like Korean language learning materials, photo card sets, DVDs, ARMY Bomb lightsticks, and sometimes fun items like the BTS Viewfinder. You can also always buy any and all albums when they are released, and in recent times, each album release (solo or group) has also had a merch line associated with it, which you can only buy through Weverse.

You can also purchase an ongoing subscription to Weverse to take it to the next level. Subscribed ARMY get access to special photo shoots and videos, and even get physical swag in the mail sometimes. They also sometimes get pre-purchase access to DVDs and online events.

To shop at the Weverse shop, you must install their shopping app on a mobile device – they do not support browser-based shopping. Prices are steep and shipping is killer, but it’s usually the only way to get your hands on these items. All items released on the Weverse shop except actual albums tend to sell out very quickly, so don’t dither around – if you want something, jump on it!

For in-person shopping in Canada, try these places (NOTE that ONLY albums purchased through Sunrise, WalMart, Indigo, LightUpK, or on Amazon (fulfilled and delivered BY AMAZON, not a third party reseller) count towards Canadian charting):

  • LightUpK is a new online shop for 2022 that specializes in the North American market, especially Canada – they also have a physical store in Toronto (East York area) and one in Montreal.
  • Just You: Sarah and Tom Gift shop in Toronto has tons of Kpop stuff and will also ship if your order is large enough. If you’re in the TO area they also have a second physical shop, Just You Too, and they recently opened stores in Ottawa, Halifax, Montreal, and Quebec City as well. They also just launched a cool website called KpopWorld for purchases across Canada.
  • Sunrise Records – has started selling Kpop as of spring 2022 and will likely carry new releases going forward, both in their stores and on their website.
  • In Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa: Sukoshi Mart is a K-Beauty store that sells a lot of Korean cosmetics and household goods, but they also now carry Kpop albums and a lot of BT21 merch, plus they sometimes have BTS-specific pop-up shops. They have several locations in the Toronto area and recently opened stores in Calgary and Ottawa as well, plus you can shop their website for cross-Canada orders.
  • In Vancouver: KR Multimedia has tons of great stuff and will also ship if your order is large enough.
  • In Montreal: Kpop Music Store has a great selection and will also ship orders
  • WalMart often will get in a couple of copies of each new release for BTS and other big Kpop acts like Blackpink – these sell FAST, if you see one, grab it!
  • Indigo has started carrying limited BTS albums when they are newly released, it’s not clear if they will expand this to other bands in the future.
  • always has the latest release but make sure you are ordering the Fulfilled By Amazon version if you want your order to count towards Canadian charting – other listings are from resellers and won’t count for the charts.
  • Hot Topic stores often have some cute BT21 merch, their stock changes often. It’s super pricey but at least you can shop in person and it’s often unique to their brand. Their website does not ship to Canada, so you have to go to a physical store to see what’s available.
  • FYE (For Your Entertainment) sells Kpop merch on their website and you can find albums in their physical stores

Online resellers also exist but are often expensive, have high shipping and duty fees, and it’s always a question whether or not your merch is legit (if the price seems too good to be true, it’s probably fake or an outright scam). Still, if you want to try other places, here are few other sites that sell stuff (this is in NO WAY AN ENDORSEMENT OF THESE SITES, shop there at your own risk). There’s always eBay and Amazon too – make sure you check the seller for lots of positive reviews and shop with caution. Unfortunately a lot of BTS DVD content is now out of print, so these kinds of resellers are your only option.

  • Cokodive – always has everything BTS related as soon as it comes out, for a markup – if you missed a new official merch in the Weverse shop, you can usually catch it on Cocodive if you act quickly. We’ve heard they sometimes hit you with duty fees after the fact though so beware of extra costs.
  • Bora Clover – often has Weverse stuff and lightsticks at a markup over Weverse, but also has free shipping sometimes so this often works out to be about the same pricing as ordering from Weverse itself
  • Olive Young – is mostly a Korean skin care website but they do sell basic albums in their Kpop section
  • Daebak – wide variety of Korean merch – this is a great place to shop if you are into kDramas and want kDrama stuff. Has a lot of more unusual stuff and also sells “surprise boxes” as a subscription which can be fun. Lightsticks appear to be legit.
  • kPopTown – much like Cocodive, usually re-sells Weverse official stuff at a markup.
  • kPop Mart – also a reseller of official merch but their site can be confusing as it shows all items – even those that they don’t have current stock of – so don’t get too excited when you see long-lost BTS merch listed here!
  • A-Kpop – great source for cute BT21 stuff as well as other official and unofficial merch. Has most of the official stuff from Weverse at a markup – plus they are in Korea so shipping is rough. Clearly mark what is official versus unofficial and almost always have everything they show in stock, which is awesome.
  • KTown 4 U – a good Seoul-based site for a wide range of kPop acts, CDs plus other merch, pretty pricey though.
  • Kpop Offical – Including this one here as a bit of a warning – their merch is NOT OFFICIAL despite their (misspelled!) name. They make imitation goods that are “inspired” by the real thing including imitation light sticks. Their imitations are often lower quality than the real thing, and light sticks bought here will not “sync” using apps like the real ones. (They do make really cute keychain versions of many light sticks, though.)
  • ARMY Merch Shop – this is third party stuff for the most part, but fun and not too expensive. Lots of cute knock-off photocard sets.
  • CATCHOP-CD – American shop that carries mostly CDs but at really great prices.
  • DeepDiscount – Not specifically a Kpop shop but has lots of Kpop stuff, and sometimes rarer stuff if you catch them on a lucky day
  • YesAsia – This is a Chinese website so you might find your items taking a longer time to ship, but they carry CDs and DVDs as well as lots of imitation BTS jewelry and other fun fashion items.
  • MusicPlaza – this is a physical store in LA that will also ship items over a certain level – they sometimes have more rare DVDs and CDs at super expensive prices but somewhat less than you’ll pay at other collector sites.
  • A+ Kawaii and KPop goods is based in Toronto and will ship in Canada
  • Art Box is based in Vancouver and does Canada-wide shipping as well
  • Mercy Cosmetics has a small Kpop section for good prices, if you’re looking for something recent

One thing you’ll hear a lot about in terms of merch is photocards. These are collectable cards featuring one member, or sometimes the whole group. The more recent albums come with one random photocard and the online community is busy with people trading their cards or offering big bucks for a specific member. You can also get access to photocard sets in concert DVDs, on the Weverse shop on special occasions, or sometimes through having a Weverse membership.

Kpop lingo: when you open a new album and see which photocard you got, that’s called your pull: “Who did you pull in your new copy of Butter?” “OMG, I pulled my bias, Jin!”

There are also lots of Etsy shops and other fan shops online where people make their own photocards and polaroid prints, as well as adorable other fan-made merch, so if you’d like to save some money and don’t mind the knockoffs, have a look around for some cute items. Some of our fave maker shops include:

Product Endorsements

BTS does not shy away from product endorsements. Since slapping the BTS brand on just about anything guarantees sales go through the roof, they’re in pretty high demand as salespeople. The best brands make good use of their affiliation with BTS to gift ARMY with high-quality photos and videos, so it’s usually a win all around.

Here are some of their notable endorsements and some great content that was produced to go along with these campaigns. Full list can be found here. There’s also this YouTube video compilation of many of their TV ads which is great.

Puma2015Puma was their first really big brand contract and early Run BTS episodes are full of Puma sportswear. Puma gifted us with an absolutely gorgeous series of ads featuring their BOG SOCK X BTS shoe line. See the full set in this YouTube Puma Ad Playlist.
They also designed their own shoes for Puma.
Courtstar ad here
Turin ad here; Suga version, Jin version, Hobi version, Jimin version, V version, Jungkook version, RM version, and behind the scenes
Basket ad here and here and behind the scenes
Smart School Uniforms2016Horribly cringey ad with singing and dancing, it’s almost too awful to watch. But watch we shall. The girl group here is GFRIEND which was BigHit’s only girl group for a long time; the song is called Family Song. You can also see clips of BTS performing it live in June 2016 and they are SO WONDERFULLY CRINGEY you will definitely want to see it from every angle possible. Try these:
Suga fancam in which he obviously welcomes death
Jin fancam
Jimin fancam
Jungkook fancam
V fancam
j-hope fancam
These were part of the Smart Uniform Camping Event on 20160604 and you can watch the whole thing, including performances of Save Me and Fire, here.
SK Telecom2016Private school ad; compilation of all ads in this campaign here, plus Bangtan Bomb of them filming it
They also did this super cool and legendary ad for SK Telecom phone cards with Jessi, who is a beloved female solo rapper in Korea. Jessi is quite a character and has a couple of other appearances with BTS, as well as her own hilarious and chaotic talk show where TXT and other Kpop acts have appeared.
There’s also this VarietT song which kind of bops from the same time period/campaign.
Genesis BBQ Chicken2016Just terrible. Watch at your own risk. There are several in this series including an ASMR challenge. Here’s one with a cheesy beach song. And this one with them all crying overdramatic tears is legendary. Also whatever this is. There’s also this funny clip of each of them begging you to watch the commercial for the next 30 seconds.
Lotte Duty Free2017Lotte Duty Free is an online shopping website and they have a big “Family Concert” every spring. BTS has appeared at this concert annually since 2018.
2018 also here
Also they did a commercial called Beautiful for Lotte in 2018, it’s rather cringy, brace yourself.
They also made a whole song called “You’re so Beautiful” for a Lotte ad back in 2018.
Visit Seoul2017 through to 2020Promotional videos for visiting Seoul, Korea.
2017 – Life In Seoul
BTS wrote a song for this series called With Seoul.
Making of With Seoul

2018 – Seoul Playlist
2019 – Share Seoul
2020 – See You In Seoul – also a making of
VT Cosmetics2017 to 2019Lots of different products, from skin care to BT21 branded makeup to hand cream to 7 different scents of perfume.
Mediheal2017This is for a line of face masks – if you watch any of the Bon Voyage seasons, you’ll know BTS are big fans of face masks! This making of video is sooooo pretty.
KB Bank Liiv2018I don’t really know what this is for, but they created a series of “telepathy” interviews called My Pick that are very cute.
Coke2018Series of ads in Korea

Later, in 2020, the vocal line recorded a cover of Jungle by X Ambassadors for an Indonesian Coke ad
HY Fresh2018HY Fresh has a line of bottled coffee called Cold Brew by Babinski, created by Charles Babinski, who won the US barista competition in 2015. In 2018, they teamed up with BTS to create three new flavours – Gold Latte, Vanilla Latte, and Americano – which you can still buy in bottles with the member’s faces on it. You can sometimes see them drinking this during In The Soop.
Hyundai2019Compilation here of their cute Palisade ads
Hyundai2020Earth Day – Because of You video – soooo beautiful
For The Earth
Positive Energy Challenge
Hyundai2020I’m On It – original song for the IONIQ car ad
Chilsung Cider2020A major sponsor of In The Soop and you’ll see them drink it a lot here. They also made some cute dancing commercials.
Lemona2020Lemona is a Vitamin C powder you take as a kind of vitamin – you just pour the lemon flavoured powder directly into your mouth as a daily supplement. You can get boxes and cannisters with the members’ faces on it.
Samsung2020Samsung really knows how to work with BTS and has made some top notch commercials, including this series for the Galaxy Note:
The Strange Tailor Shop – clothing shop battle between Jin and JK
A Piece of Cake – baking with Suga, V, and j-hope
La Parfumerie – making perfume with RM and Jimin
And this cute one of them snapping pics
Tokopedia2020/2021Tokopedia is an online sales website in Indonesia and their content with BTS is really good. Fun games, interviews, plus musical performances, for example here is their Jenga interview from 2021
Baskin Robbins2020Bora Bora flavour ad
RM and Suga ad
RM and Suga interview
Jimin and JK interview
Hobi, V, Jin interview
Formula E2020/2021Formula E is an electric car race in Korea – BTS were their spokesmen.
Cool ad with them as race car drivers
New Year’s wishes
Announcement of postponement to 2022
BodyFriend2020Very funny ads for a chair massager
Fila2020/2021Fila have been sponsors of BTS for a while now and you’ll see them wearing full Fila wear on Run BTS a lot of the time. Fila releases high quality photo shoots regularly and some video content too.

You can see all BTS related ads on the Fila Korea YouTube Channel. Linking to just some of them below – if you want to see all, head to their channel. For most of their campaigns (4 times a year), there is a main ad and then a matching individual ad for each of the 7 members.

Fila X BTS main ad

Fila on the Street main ad
Fila on the Street – JK version / V version / Jimin version / RM version /J-hope version / Suga version / Jin version
Also each member has a “Fila on the Street – get ready version” of their individual ad

Go Beyond main ad
JK version / V version / Jimin version / RM version /J-hope version / Suga version / Jin version

Neuron main ad
Neuron Ad – JK version / Neuron Ad – V version / Neuron Ad – Jimin version / Neuron Ad – RM version / Neuron Ad – jhope version / Neuron Ad – SUGA version / Neuron Ad – Jin version

This is Our Summer main ad
Also individual ads plus two behind the scenes videos – playlist here

Walk with Fila main ad
Reverse X Rebirth main ad
Back to Nature main ad – there’s also a bunch of making of clips for this one
Now ON behind the scenes clip
New Beginning main ad
Runner’s Instinct main ad
Run Your Race main ad
110 Years of Fila black and white ad
Find Your Basics main ad
Explore Now main ad
Find Your Winter main ad – Yoongi in glasses! Jungkook playing the drums!

Dynamite clothing line has some stunning ads
Group Dynamite Full Ad
This teaser is adorable too
Coway2021Coway makes furniture and home appliances and seems like a weird match for BTS. But they did produce an excellent series of ads featuring BTS as Husbands (just kidding, but that definitely is the vibe)
Compilation of all.
V and Jimin water purifier
RM and Jin water purifier
Making of – Hobi, Suga, JK
Making of – Jimin, V, RM, Jin
Mattress pad ads
Another making of film
Mattress ad – and another one
SmartApril 2021Series of ads in the Philippines for Simple Smart ako – prepaid phone cards. A really awesome ad, plus some interview clips, like this one about The Secret of Teamwork and this behind the scenes clip.
Kloud Beer2021Did a cool photo shoot, also an ad with all of them, plus each has his own individual ad
Making Of film
Behind the scenes filming for each individual member were released as well – find these on the Kloud Beer YouTube Channel
Hyundai2021For Tomorrow We Won’t Wait Earth Day ad
Hydrogen documentary
Welcome to the Family – robot ad featuring an original BTS song
Hangeul Day video – clips of all of them writing a message to the world
Recycled campaign
Bubble making (I think this was originally an Instagram reel)
Louis Vuitton2021Ambassadors for the Louis Vuitton brand.
Splashy video launching their winter 2021 line from July, 2021.
Behind the scenes/making of clip, article with pics
McDonalds2021BTS meal – the chicken nugget meal – released late May 2021 with special BTS-inspired sauces (sweet chili and cajun) and branded packaging.
There was a photo set, a commercial, and a making-of video.
Samsung2021Galaxy phone ads
Suga, Jimin, and Jungkook – Night Epic
V, j-hope, Jin, RM – Day Epic
Unfold promo clip and another Unfold teaser
Full Unfold commercial
Clip of SUGA talking about how he rearranged “Over the Horizon” – the Samsung default ringtone – for the Z series – full audio of the new ringtone here – they also released this very pretty “humming” version

Also this legendary ad of them selling earbuds – but opening the boxes as if they are engagement rings (swoon!)
Xylitol Gum2021A cute series of commercials showing the boys as a sitcom family.
Smile series preview
Introducing the Cast clip
Travel series clips
Smash2021Smash is a Japanese App for posting and sharing short videos (like TikTok). Starting in June 2021 they introduced the idea of “smash city” and invited BTS to make short videos showing how they would spend their (imaginary) downtime/vacation time in the fictional smash city. These videos are available on the smash app (currently only available in Japan, Korea, and the United States) – some are free but most require you to be a paying member to view them.
Preview of all episodes, and more

These are the actual episodes – each member has a morning, afternoon, and evening clip, plus they released a special clip for each member’s birthday starting with JK. Smash has been aggressive about having these taken down from YouTube, so your best best is to search YouTube and/or Twitter see if there are any recent re-postings.

Jimin makes coffee, Jimin takes a selfie, Jimin tries out a spinny chair and falls asleep, Jimin goes stargazing (special birthday post)
Jin naps, Jin wakes up then makes kimbap, Jin has an over-the-top slow-motion drink of seltzer, Jin goes stargazing (special birthday post)
Jungkook exercises, Jungkook eats desserts, Jungkook goes stargazing (special birthday post), JungKook plays guitar
Suga plays with a puppy, Suga does hula hooping, Suga decorates a cake
RM takes care of plants, RM picks out an outfit, RM goes stargazing (special birthday post), RM makes juice
j-hope makes breakfast, j-hope plays chess, j-hope practices darts
V selects a pair of glasses, V reads a secret book, V listens to music, V goes stargazing (special birthday post)

Try here for the morning set
Try here for the night set
Try here for a full set
Seoul X BTS2021EoGiYeongCha – a gorgeous ad as travel to Seoul begins to reopen, featuring an original song. EoGiYeongCha is a cheer in Korean to urge people to have strength and hang in there.
Plus behind the scenes, plus interview clip
Shinhan Play2021I actually have no idea what this is advertising – I think it’s phone cards?
But the ad is just GORGEOUS.
Plus this other clip that is so so pretty
Yet another beautiful ad, these guys knew what they were doing
Here’s a series featuring each individual member, too.
Made By BTS2022In January 2022, BTS caused a buying frenzy by introducing a line of products they had designed themselves. Available through the Weverse Shop, everything was sold out literally in seconds, but you might see resale merch at an absolutely ridiculous price online. Each product release had a very cute “shopping channel” style video too.

Items included:
RM: wind chime featuring a fish bun; grey and black jogger pants
Jin: “angel” and “devil” themed pajamas, and a matching foam pillow set
Suga: BTS/ARMY logo silver necklaces shaped like guitar picks; writing pad/folder with purple pen
j-hope: Cross-body bag in acid wash denim; set of four cubic plant pots with HOPE lettering in them
Jimin: You Never Walk Alone/Seven With You purple hoodie; silver double hoop earrings with red mark
V: brown leather “MUTE” Boston bag with scarf decoration; three sets of pins featuring V’s doodles (Cloud, Flowers, Faces)
Jungkook: ARMYST oversized hoodie with uneven hem in multiple colours; Mikrokosmos themed mood lamp and Bluetooth speaker
Samsung2022Galaxy x BTS recycling ad
Unfold Your World ad for the Galaxy Flip4 (SO GOOD. Watch it now!)
Suga’s 2022 remix of the Over The Horizon ringtone
Free Fire2022Free Fire is an online Battle Royale game and BTS did a collab with them where they designed their own characters and skins.
BTS picks out their characters
BTS designs their own skins
Hyundai2022Goal of the Century ad for FIFA 2022 and Hyundai, narrated by RM
As part of Hyundai’s Goal of the Century campaign – which is part of their sponsorship of the 2022 FIFA World Cup – BTS will be making a celebration song – more here.
Yet to Come – Goal of the Century Version
Coway2022Coway continues their top-notch “BTS as your husband” series into 2022.
Teaser for their 2022 series – featuring mullet JK!
Another in this pretty series – for ice makers
Look Here ice makers
Vmin / Namjin / YoonKookSeok
Google Arts and Culture2022To help promote the Google Arts and Culture database, each member selected a few works to feature in an online exhibit. These are pretty fun – they are 3D explorations of various famous cities with the member’s artwork displayed on buildings, with their comments.
Formula E Korea2022Spokesmen for the Formula E race in Korea – find clips on YouTube here.
Seoul X BTS 2022Sept 2022Jin and RM getting street food
Jin and RM visiting a park
Jin and RM ride a cable car
Making Of film, in which we learn every scene was actually green screened!
Korea TravelOctober 2022Jimin and Suga find an old cassette
Jimin and Suga and Busan Blues
Jimin and Suga and Daejeon Rock
Jimin and Suga and Pohang Hip Hop
Jimin and Suga and Jeju Jazz
Xylitol Gum2022I’m obsessed with these “Smile” shorts made by Xylitol, I have no idea why.

Jin / Jin with j-hope
Suga / Suga with RM
j-hope / j-hope with V
RM / RM with Jimin
Jimin / Jimin with Jin
V / V with Jungkook
Jungkook / Jungkook with Suga
Jin Ramen2022Jin is a brand name of ramen in Korea, and BTS have long made jokes about how Jin should be their spokesperson, and in November 2022 it actually happened! Ad here.
Dior2023Jimin is an official global ambassador for the Dior fashion house, announced in January 2023.
Valentino2023Suga is an official ambassador and the face of Valentino’s new Di.Vas brand, which features gender-inclusive styles, as of January 2023.
Valentino Essentials clip
Dreamy Marie Claire featurette
Dreamy Famous Suga series from January 2024
More 2024 spring campaign
Louis Vuitton2023J-hope was announced as an official brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton in February 2023, after attending the launch of their new lineup in Paris in January; while in Paris for fashion week he also attended the Dior show (with Jimin), and the Hermes show as well.
Looking gorgeous
Also gorgeous
Seriously, gorgeous
And more gorgeous
Bottega Veneta2023RM attended the Bottega Veneta show in Milan in February – he was later announced as their first-ever official brand ambassador.
Attending a Bottega art show in Korea
Sim Invest2023V was announced as an official ambassador of the investment consulting firm Sim Invest in March 2023.
Commercial filming clip
Commercial with Jackie Chan
TIffany2023Jimin was announced as an official ambassador of the jewelry brand Tiffany in March 2023, and attending the opening of their New York flagship store in April 2023.
Gorgeous promotion video
Calvin Klein2023Jungkook was named an official Calvin Klein ambassador in March 2023. He’s a well-known wearer of their underwear.
The photo shoot nearly killed us all.
This commercial actually DID kill us all.
Fall Campaign Video
Also: Elle Magazine “6 Questions” interview.
Also: making-of film
Pinterest commercial that destroyed us all
Quick Change clip
Interview clip
2024 – attacked again, please watch safely while sitting down:
Spring Campaign video
Behind the Scenes clip
More Behind the Scenes
Celine2023V was officially announced as an ambassador for the fashion house Celine in March 2023. He made these gorgeous Celine fashion videos with Esquire Korea – Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3
NBA2023SUGA became the international ambassador for the NBA in April 2023 (and is now officially living his best life). Clip here. / Extended interview clip. / We are all in the finals ad
Xylitol2023The promotion staff at Xylitol deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.
What is this chaos
Cartier2023V was announced as global representative for the jewelry brand Cartier in July 2023
Fashion videos x3
Samsung2023Continuing their relationship with Samsung, SUGA appeared at the Samsung Unpacked event for the Flip 5 in July 2023 in Seoul, RM looked handsome in one commercial, and also a second one, and j-hope appeared in this cute promotion clip. (SUGA also famously refused to take iPhones for selfies during his D-Day Tour encores – Galaxy only!)
Jimin puppy commercial, THE CUTEST
More adorable Jimin
Jimin interview
j-hope interview
SUGA calling RM
SUGA asks, Galaxy Answers
j-hope reel on Insta, SO CUTE
iLoom2023RM made this gorgeous ad for this Korean furniture brand
Also part 2
Sincerely, RM clip
Interview segment
Compose Coffee2024V appeared in a couple of commercials for Compose Coffee (which we all found hilarious as he is a notorious coffee hater)
Fred Jewelry2024Jin was announced as a Fred Jewelry ambassador shortly after his return from the military in June 2024 – they are a French brand.
Stunning visuals via WKorea here
Cute interview during his photo shoot here
Full interview in WKorea with gorgeous pics

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