Map of the Soul: 7 Cover Art

The MOTS:7 cover comes in 4 different styles.

Each cover is an overlay of 7 different number 7s. Each member selected a font to use for their own personal 7. The different covers overlay the numbers in a different order using different colour schemes.

The covers were designed by Sparks Edition, a graphic design firm in Korea. They kindly shared some of their raw design graphics and building blocks in an online presentation, which you can find here.

Read more about the design team and their goals here.

And more here on the fonts used here.

The Fonts

These appear to be non-standard, custom created fonts for each member.

The Colours

Version 1 – White Swan Colour Scheme

“Version No. 1 drew inspirations from swans, representing a longing for perfection as well as vulnerability and innocence.” – Korea Herald

Version 2 – Black Swan Colour Scheme

“Inspired by black swans, the second version strikes a darker tone and uses a curvy shape to represent the group’s glamorous shadows.” – Korea Herald

Version 3 – Strength and Duty Colour Scheme

“Straight lines were emphasized to give an impression of strength and depict a sense of duty in Version No. 3.” – Korea Herald

Version 4 – Harmony and Unity Colour Scheme

“Each layer was arranged in a way to represent harmony and unity to represent the group’s ego and identity in Version No. 4.” – Korea Herald