Love Yourself Cover Art

Each of the Love Yourself era albums (Her, Tear, and Answer) came in four different covers. Each cover has a graphic on the front that connects to the next one, creating one fluid line drawing when complete.

All LY Era Covers Combined
Simplified graphics

The albums were designed by branding company HuskyFox. You can read more about their process and see more of their graphical designs in this article.

The Love Yourself series features a custom font created by HuskyFox meant to represent a flow of emotions.

Love Yourself: Wonder

Love Yourself: Wonder is the name given to the extended MV for Euphoria. It has its own cover/logo image.

This is meant to be a flower bud, showing love first starting – it actually connects to the start of the Her series of flowers.

According to HuskyFox, the Wonder cover represents “Crush: the curious and surprising step before love begins.” The Wonder cover is grey and monochromatic because it ties into the first feelings of a crush – almost the step before real attraction begins to bloom. More colours are added as love grows throughout the series, so we start here with a colourless design.

Love Yourself: Her

The Her series features a set of four flowers. These have been unofficially identified by ARMY as a rose, peony, calla lily, and plumeria. The four albums are marked with the letters L, O, V and E.

The Rose is a symbol of love and passion, but also of secrets and confessions. RM wore a robe with a Rose on the back during his performances of Trivia: Love on the Love Yourself / Speak Yourself tour. Read an interesting theory how the Rose ties into RM’s LY songs here.

The Peony is a symbol of healing and may be tied to Yoongi’s songs on LY as described here.

The Calla Lily is a symbol of beauty, faithfulness, and youth, and may be related to Hobi’s songs in the LY era as described here.

The Plumeria is a symbol of new beginnings and new life and perhaps represents the start of a new era.

According to HuskyFox, the Her era covers represent “Love: the step that makes it feel that love is all about life.” The covers are white as everything seems clear, pure, and in-focus, while the flowers have a hint of colour as love begins to bloom.

Love Yourself: Tear

The Tear series is a turning point in the Love story and the covers show flower petals “falling” from the flowers and dissolving into decay. These four albums are marked with the letters Y, O, U and R.

HuskyFox says that the Tear covers represent “Parting: the step of tearful parting as love leaves.” The covers are black as this is a dark and sad time, but the graphics have a colour in them as the hope of something stronger is growing.

Love Yourself: Answer

The Answer covers are all about self-love and show a variety of connected heart graphics, meant to be the flower petals rearranging themselves into something new. These four albums are marked with the letters S, E, L and F.

HuskyFox says that the Answer covers represent “Self-Love: the step of self-love that has been developed by looking back on oneself after suffering.”  

The Smeraldo Flower

Those familiar with the Bangtan Universe ongoing storyline will know about the Smeraldo flower – a fictional flower that plays a part in Jin’s time loop as he attempts to save the other members and find happiness for all.

A graphic of the flower has been used on some BU content and it appears to be a graphical combination of the four LY series graphics.