Run BTS! Episodes

Run BTS! is a BTS reality show that began back in August 2015 as a handful of episodes, and then ran pretty much continuously as a weekly program from January 2017 through to October 2021. Double-starred episodes are especially funny and famous among the fandom.

There are SO MANY iconic, gut-busting moments from Run BTS. It’s like a shot of joy directly into your veins, and is absolutely enjoyable by anyone, even non-fans. It’s a must watch for any ARMY. This show is where BTS gets the reputation of both adoring each other so much it’s visible, and yet being absolutely willing to betray each other for the prize of ramen noodles. Fun fact: they play Rock, Paper, Scissors (in Korean, 가위 바위 보 – gawi bawi bo) so often to decide things on Run BTS, they are actually official World RPS Association Ambassadors.

As of December 2022, all episodes going back to the very beginning are available on both Weverse and YouTube (Bangtan TV channel – Episodes 1-40, Episodes 41-80, Episodes 81-120, Episodes 121-155).

If you’re looking for information on the exact release dates for each of these episodes, as well as Weverse and YouTube direct links for each individual episode, you can find that in this excellent Reddit Run BTS reference page.

Run BTS! Season 1

First aired weekly starting August 1, 2015 – 10 episodes. Opening credits song is not always used but when it is shown, it is Dope.

1 – Intro to the the series; each member briefly introduces themselves. Weverse / YouTube

2 – Best man – featuring mouth-size measurement test and a tickle test – winner Jungkook! Weverse / YouTube

3 – Amusement park scary rides. Features the iconic smiley face icon over roller-coaster-riding J-Hope’s face to protect his human rights. Weverse / YouTube

** 4 – 30 seconds gate – challenges in a pool, including playing Jenga on a floating mat, and garlic juice drinking as punishment. Weverse / YouTube

** 5 – 100 second sports day – BTS must do a chain of activities inside of 100 seconds to “beat the staff,” and they finally do it, and make the director drink a gross drink. Weverse / YouTube

6 – Skit – they improvise a skit of people “confessing” to a priest. This episode was broken into two halves – 6 (1) and 6 (2); the first half features Jimin as the priest, and the second half features Suga as the priest. Weverse part 1 / Weverse part 2 / YouTube part 1 / YouTube part 2

7 – Adventure Retreat 1. Start of a 4-episode arc; the boys play paintball. J-Hope is the distraction. Jungkook shakes Jimin around a lot. Weverse / YouTube

8 – Adventure Retreat 2. The boys do a treasure hunt in the forest for flags that will earn them snacks. Four of them get 4×4 vehicles while three are on foot, but it turns out that being on foot is actually better. Jimin is sneaky a lot, j-hope despairs, Suga runs around frantically, and Tae ignores all flag gathering in favour of just noodling around on his ATV. Weverse / YouTube

9 – Adventure Retreat 3. The boys do bungee jumping with various degrees of thrills and fear. Weverse / YouTube

10 – Adventure Retreat 4. Winners get to eat snacks while losers get some rice, and it’s revealed there was a spy all along who had secret tasks he was trying to accomplish without the others noticing. Weverse / YouTube

Run BTS! Season 2

First aired weekly starting January 31, 2017 (except if BTS Gayo was airing instead that week) – 46 episodes. Opening credits song is Blood Sweat and Tears.

** 11 – Skit in school, with 7 assigned roles – Suga is the female exchange student (known to fans as Yoonji). LEGENDARY. Weverse / YouTube

12 – Skit in jail, some are criminals and some are cops, Suga is the police sergeant and gets in some zingers. (“There has been a murder in the precinct. The skit died.”) Weverse / YouTube

13/14/15 – Water park challenges in teams – old ones versus young ones – and one person is the spy! Featuring a graphic demonstration that V doesn’t think like other people when he consistently fails to make the same shape as others during the shape game. Suga is the MC. Weverse 13 / Weverse 14 / Weverse 15 / YouTube 13 / YouTube 14 / YouTube 15

16 – Snow Park – Winter Olympic Games – including a tube race down a snow hill, human curling, and a sled race around an ice rink. Weverse / YouTube

17/18 – Arcade Olympics – featuring the legendary basketball game turnaround, failure at Dance Dance Revolution by all the good dancers, and some impressive air hockey skills by V. Weverse 17 / Weverse 18 / YouTube 17 / YouTube 18

19 – Bowling – everyone against JK, then team against team, where JK is fabulous and everyone else kind of sucks but owns it. Super cute all around. Weverse / YouTube

** 20 – Taste of Korea (May 2017) – the first BTS cooking show, with Jin as MC and the others in two teams. Introduces the absolutely iconic squirrel dish, used by V. Jungkook makes sweet potatoes that stick to the dish. Weverse / YouTube

21 – BTS Board Games – Has a weird construction board game and features BTS playing UNO (the traditional version, before the invention of BTS UNO). Weverse / YouTube

22 – Hangawi Festival (October 2017) – featuring the boys in traditional Korean costumes making Chuseok dishes and playing traditional games for the holiday  First sighting of the traditional game involving cardboard/paper squares – put one on the ground and smack it with another one to try to make the one on the ground flip over. Weverse / YouTube

23 – Dog training episode – the boys love dogs! They each bond with a dog trainee and try to get their dog to run a course. Weverse / YouTube

** 24 – BTS vs. Zombies – BTS is told they are going on a zoo tour but it turns out to be a staged zombie attack. The best part is at the beginning when they are surprised and poor j-Hope, the biggest chicken among them, is pulled from the bus by zombies. Then they are supposed to solve escape-room style puzzles among the zombies but instead there is a lot of being scared and not a lot of successful solving of puzzles. Weverse / YouTube

** 25 – Classic Korean video game head-to-head competition – surprisingly engrossing and thrilling considering they spend their whole time sitting in front of computers. Jimin gets a water punishment. Weverse / YouTube

26 – Secret Agent – the boys wear suits! They go through a secret agent challenge room (find things in the dark, go through a laser beam web) and then have a driving challenge with go-karts. Weverse / YouTube

** 27/28 – Your First MT – kind of like a sleepover/frosh week event for BTS. They play a custom board game (BTS Marble) where they have to do little challenges when landing on certain squares. Suga and V are a team and there are many references to Hawaii, as they were paired up there during Bon Voyage 2. Then there is a karaoke competition where RM rocks out and Jin shows off some amazing shrieking skills. Weverse 27 / Weverse 28 / YouTube 27 / YouTube 28

** 29 – BTS Stylists – In answer to a promise they made to each other if they ever hit the Billboard top 100, they each put together an outfit for one other member. Features Jimin looking amazing in Suga’s suit, Suga wearing all camo from JK, and J-Hope wearing 100 layers of pink from Jin. Weverse / YouTube

** 30/31 – Classic Korean game show games. The first episode features a lot of games we don’t understand well, but has truly gorgeous outfits from the late 70s/ early 80s on the boys. Second episode is the winner – where they have to nap and then wake up after a half hour and sing the iconic Tomato Song. Weverse 30 / Weverse 31 / YouTube 30 / YouTube 31

** 32 – Christmas ornament hunt (December 2017) – where J-Hope is the giggling spy and has to run around cutting everyone else’s pig balloons off. SO FUNNY. Features V hiding in a glass case like a work of art and RM being devoted to the treasure hunt while everyone else just devolves into a chaotic game of run and hide; also features V protecting Jungkook, but then giving him up for unspecified “presents” five minutes later. Weverse / YouTube

** 33/34 – Manito (like a Secret Santa kind of game) – This is the one with the ICONIC jumping photo poses, and the search and find challenge, and then an exchange of gifts, some of which are thoughtful, others of which are crappy. J-hope gets a giant box of cereal from Jin, among other strange items. Weverse 33 / Weverse 34 / YouTube 33 / YouTube 34

35/36 – Kimchi Battle – Divided into teams, each team must make a unique kind of kimchi with the help of a chef; then in the second half, make dishes using the kimchi they made. Featuring RM and V unable to open gloves, RM almost cutting his finger off, and J-Hope making his radishes into hearts. Weverse 35 / Weverse 36 / YouTube 35 / YouTube 36

37 – Return of BTS Marble – First they play Halli Galli – a card matching game like Snap – to determine order, and Jin proves he majored in Halli Galli at college. Then they play BTS Marble game – kind of like Monopoly with challenges to buy properties. Very cute. Weverse / YouTube

** 38 – Spin BTS – A variety of challenges and games involving roulette wheels. Suga wears a giant Chimmy costume (Jimin’s character) due to a previous punishment. Includes the 3-way pulling game where they try to do a puzzle and JK is a beast (but can’t do puzzles). Also includes the step challenge where Jimin is amazing. Weverse / YouTube

** 39 / 41 – Golden Bell Episodes – Two-parter but split in the middle with a different episode. Here they play classic games and this is the Lajimolala/Carbonara classic telephone game with Jin being a stone cold genius. The winner gets JK’s desktop computer and the boys are super pumped about that. Weverse 39 / Weverse 41 / YouTube 39 / YouTube 41

40 – Lunar New Year Special – The boys wear traditional costumes and compete in games for good luck. Weverse / YouTube

** 42 – Sports Challenge – The boys do a ropes obstacle course in a gym, and JK is amazing, J-Hope is scared, and Jin says “OH!” a lot. Then they do a flying jump – grab a hanging bag challenge. J-Hope gets the water hat punishment. Weverse / YouTube

** 43/44 – 5 Senses Episodes (March 2018) – Includes hand sniffing, RM being pouty when he has trouble seeing, and a cool challenge where they have to pick out one member from the group just by listening for the right voice. Suga wears a giant RJ costume (due to a previous punishment). Also features J-Hope reaching into a mystery box to feel things and being totally squeamish. At the end, RM and V finally do their mountain hiking challenge/punishment from a few episodes back while Jin gets up early to make them lunch from scratch. Weverse 43 / Weverse 44 / YouTube 43 / YouTube 44

45 – BTS Cafe – The members learn to make espresso and other fancy drinks. Jin wears a Cooky costume for past punishment reasons. V really does not like coffee. Weverse / YouTube

46 – BTS Pottery Workshop – V spills his finished products on the floor and a lot of clay goes to waste on other messed up projects as the members try to figure out how a pottery wheel works. Weverse / YouTube

** 47/48 – Protect the Town – The town (a little indoor set meant for children to explore and play) has been infiltrated with someone from the Blue Village. The boys must search for clues to try to find the outsider. The second episode reveals a surprising twist – there’s more than one outsider! Weverse 47 / Weverse 48 / YouTube 47 / YouTube 48

** 49/50/51 – Celebration of their 50th episode with an awards ceremony, memories video, and visit to Lotte world (an amusement park) where they have to try to complete challenges and answer trivia while on rides. Features Suga and J-Hope, in bear hats, being far too terrified to answer any questions (poor RM, who is on their team); V and JK enjoying the rides but being unable to memorize anything; and RM learning to blow a bubble from gum on the water ride. Weverse 49 / Weverse 50 / Weverse 51 / YouTube 49 / YouTube 50 / YouTube 51

52 – BTS Escape – The boys break into teams to do escape rooms. Weverse / YouTube

** 53/54/55/56 – BTS Picnic (July 2018), an iconic 4-part series. Featuring cute board games, terribly hilarious foot volleyball, and their classic poems for each other read over the final campfire. Weverse 53 / Weverse 54 / Weverse 55 / Weverse 56 / YouTube 53 / YouTube 54 / YouTube 55 / YouTube 56

Run BTS! Season 3

First aired weekly starting January 1, 2019 and ran more-or-less weekly, with a few breaks here and there, through to September 2021. Opening credits song was initially Idol, later changed to ON, later changed to Butter.

57/58 – BTS Chef – Divided into 3 teams, they must cook Italian food using one kind of meat and one kind of pasta. During a cream whipping challenge, Jimin pours his liquidy result on his head. Weverse 57 / Weverse 58 / YouTube 57 / YouTube 58

59/60 – BTS in Hotel – BTS play games while sitting on their hotel room floor. Involves guessing their own songs with noise overtop, translating their own English lyrics to Korean (fascinating), and guessing numbers of stuff in food packets. Winners Suga, J-Hope and Jungkook win a pass to give their future penalty to someone else. Weverse 59 / Weverse 60 / YouTube 59 / YouTube 60

61/62 – Sauna – The boys go to a sauna. Games include some weird acronym solving game we found it hard to understand, and then a throw-water-in-the-face-of-your-opponent with bowls for protection game. Weverse 61 / Weverse 62 / YouTube 61 / YouTube 62

** 63/64/65 – School-based games with Suga as the teacher. This series includes them playing a song using ringing bells (Jimin takes over for his whole team) and the classic debate on mint chocolate ice cream: good or evil? During the debate, they get sprayed with water when they say their “off limits” word, and J-Hope’s is that he gets sprayed whenever he laughs, and he cannot figure it out and gets sprayed a LOT. Weverse 63 / Weverse 64 / Weverse 65 / YouTube 63 / YouTube 64 / YouTube 65

66/67 – Comic Book Cafe – Various challenges inside a comic book cafe; each boy picks his favourite manga. Jungkook says “bono bono yah” and is generally mischievous. Weverse 66 / Weverse 67 / YouTube 66 / YouTube 67

68 – Heart Pang – playing a board game called Heart Pang in their hotel room. Not a great episode! The game was very confusing and we never really understood what was going on – and neither did BTS! Weverse / YouTube

** 69/70/71 – BTS goes to Toronto, and visits Niagara Falls. The choosing of the bedrooms is absolutely iconic. There is a lot of shopping. In the evening they play a bunch of games to transfer their penalty points to each other and it’s pretty hilarious – includes staring games, word games, bottlecap flicking, and many head-to-head challenges. (If you live in Ontario, and are maybe interested in a group booking, let me know!) Weverse 69 / Weverse 70 / Weverse 71 / YouTube 69 / YouTube 70 / YouTube 71

** 72 – Mafia – BTS play Mafia. There are so many twists! Someone is a secret spy…but the tables are turned when it turns out EVERYONE was a secret spy with their own agenda. Very fun! Weverse / YouTube

73/74/75/76 – Dalbang Dorm – The boys film several scenes/episodes in their own Korean drama – the story of 7 boys learning to live together in a dorm. JK works very hard as the slate king and it’s a long day for everyone, but the finished result is pretty polished and cute. The best parts are a) them giggling when trying to film the very first scene, blowing many takes, and b) JK pretending to be the director during the audition part and taking advantage of his new position to use informal language with Jimin and Jin (always funny!).

77/78 – Food Guessing Games – Things like food pictionary with mouth markers, guess the food when listening to the recipe at double speed, a food memory game, and food bingo. Jin is the host. In the end, the punishment team – Jimin, J-Hope, and V – have to wear bunny hats to the airport with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

** 79/80 – Mall Scavenger Hunt – They must search for tickets and items over two floors of a mall, and play various games to exchange their tickets for hearts. Everyone is super sneaky and lies about how many hearts they have gathered, so the end result is a (legendary!!) surprise to all.

81/82 – VR Games – Various VR games – the best part is when j-hope is so scared to go up in a tall building and the other members (on his own team!) push him off. This episode includes the final twist/betrayal where SUGA and j-Hope are supposed to take the penalty, but each have a “get out of a penalty” card. J-Hope wanted to do the penalty (a horror escape room) with Suga, but Suga went off book and decided to use his pass on V (who passed it on to Jin). So in revenge, J-Hope uses his pass on Suga!

** 83/84/85 – Summer Outing/Water park (August 2019) – the boys have to answer math questions while going down a water slide; play terrible water polo; get bounced hilariously in the air by a bouncing slide; and it’s everyone versus JK in a water obstacle course. Features the meme where JK, V, and Jimin run to jump in the pool but then JK and V don’t jump! It ends with them exchanging gifts and some are good, some bad, but the best one is when J-Hope gives Jimin a custom-made CD of his single, Promise.

** 86//87/88 – Hangul Day (October 2019) – they play a variety of word games and other games to celebrate Hangul day. This is the series where they play hide and seek / tag, and have to put stickers on the back of their particular target, and V and Jimin almost break up forever after V lies and swears Jimin is not his target. In the first episode, they play word/trivia games that are pretty tough to earn the stickers for the hide and seek game. The other two are the chase game and there is much hilarious back stabbing, hiding, squealing, and lying.

89/90 – BTS Gayo is back – a variety of music-based games. First they play the brand new edition of BTS UNO to determine who will choose teams (Suga wins). Then they play draw the song, guess the backwards lyrics, dance the choreo from one song to a different song. Jungkook is really good. Jimin falls out of his chair and Jungkook falls on top of him. Jin wears a hideous Joker hoodie zipped up over his face. Suga is screwed into taking the punishment.

91/92 – Mini Golden Bell – school style games on the floor of their hotel room in London. Games include: listen to a sound clip from a past episode and identify who said it and where; listen to some of their lyrics in Korean but spoken with a foreign accent and try to identify the song and phrase; betting thing where they are given a statement (“V has the second longest arms”) where they have to predict if that is true or false, then they measure/sing/whatever to find out. V is the MC and absolutely hates it and is terrible, but wins a prize: the next time he is punished he can choose one other person to go with him. One claim is that Jin’s shoulders are wider than 50cm and when they measure, they find his shoulders are only 48cm (but later fan-based estimations based on chairs he has sat in put his shoulders at 60cm, so who knows). Arm length in BTS goes RM, JK, V, Suga, j-hope, Jin, Jimin. J-hope loses.

93/94 – BTS Marble (again) – nothing super special but general mayhem and chaos. There are a few pedometer games and lots of playing of 007. The game ends up going very long and the real win is when they manage to finish it. Three of them wear sunflowers around their faces when they arrive home in Korea at the airport as punishment.

95/96 – Classic Korean games – make honeycomb candy, play jacks, play an interesting bottlecap sliding/territory taking/chalk game; then they play Beyblades (including the legendary Rock Bison) and race little motor cars. It becomes clear that Jimin had a very good childhood and has fond, loving memories of all these games, while Suga has never seen any of them. Nothing special but still very charming and chaotic. Jin is the host.

** 97/98 – PJ party – so cute. Features ASMR challenge, karaoke, telestrations. Everything you need to feel better about the world – a must watch.

** 99 – Florist – boys make flower arrangements with the help of a professional. Hilarious! The members spend an uncomfortable amount of time noticing how attractive the (male) florist is and then they make creations of various quality. Suga makes a boutineer entitled “whatever was nearby.” V’s boutineer breaks and he is sad. Jin makes a crown that is so terrible, it is never not funny.

A new opening was revealed for Run BTS episode 100 using the song ON.

** 100/101 – 100th Episode Celebration, with repeat challenges from past shows. Includes badminton played with objects like a frying pan, ping pong paddle, and pot lid; return of the jump photo but this time using a trampoline; return of the secret box reveals. At the end the boys get gifts of a gold medallion and a giant poster of themselves. Episode 101 also has a “director’s cut” on vlive.

** 102/103 – Avatar Cooking – this is where Jin and Suga are giving the directions from another room, and the others have to try to cook using what they say. Suga loses it when it turns out Jimin and RM put in double salt instead of salt and sugar. J-Hope is the host.

** 104/105/106 – Photo Challenge. A must watch. First, the members select a few items of clothing to “makeover” with accessories, clothing paint, sewing supplies and a glue gun. Jin makes a legendary pair of pants from Hawaiian swim trunks + the arms of a gold sequined jacket. Then they have to draw to see who will wear which outfit, and poor JK, who took the most care with the outfit he created, has to wear Jin’s horrifying creation. Then they have a themed photo shoot as individuals and small groups, which is awesome, then they have a gallery reveal of the best pics. Suga ends up “winning” with his photo of JK and wins a legendary photo of Jimin looking like New Actor Trainee Jimin (later revealed to be hanging in the BTS offices!).

107/108 – Online games – the members visit a video game cafe to play some online games. There are some funny moments when they play the final game, which is a fighting game like Smash Bros.

** 109 – Dubbing – the boys dub over scenes from Disney movies, ICONIC. This episode also has a “director’s cut” on vlive. They do such a good job! Jimin, Jin, and j-hope in particular are great, but the best moment is Suga as Woody saying, “Annyeong!”

110/111 – Treasure Hunt in the Hyundai Motors studio (August 2020). This one was very cute – the members first solve clues for hints, then search the car museum for clues to a treasure. The best part is the treasure itself – that the boys get to just leave and go home! JK decided to just take the punishment instead of trying – so he is left alone hours after the others have gone. Funny!

** 112/113 – Dalbang School challenges (October 2020) – with Jin as MC, the boys divide into teams to do school-based challenges. Features the classic clip of V doing the limbo with Suga on his back. Other games include playing a song on the recorder, finding the differences between two pictures, and eating lunch without getting caught by teacher Jin.

114/115 – League of Number One – the members play games and video games with T1, an eSports team from Korea that has won the League of Legends world championship three times. Super cute because a) extroverts j-hope and V are so adorably excited to make new friends and b) BTS makes fun of the pro players for messing up silly little video games.

** 116/117 – Teamwork Special – Given 16 possible missions, BTS must work together to complete 5 of them before they can go home. Adorable – it’s like hanging out with them for an afternoon in a games room. Also Suga is incredibly charming about six times over. 

** 118/119 – Photo Story. The boys must collect post it notes to make sentences that describe a picture, then try to snap that picture for points. In the second episode it is revealed that one of them was a spy, and any pics including that member will turn into negative points, and Jungkook is SO FUNNY when he sees his dreams of gold turn to dust. 

120/ 121 – BTS Village 2 – Boys play a sort-of murder mystery game – they are given roles and must figure out which one of them is the bad guy who broke the ARMY headstone. It’s a little confusing and of course accusations fly. Notable because Jin shows once again he is a super genius when it comes to games.

** 122/123 – Avatar Cooking Reversed (December 2020) – With RM as the host, JK/Jimin and V/J-Hope must give instructions to Jin and Suga, walking them through the cooking of a few dishes. Everything is chaotic and hilarious. 

124 – Writer, Director (January 2021) – an episode where they brainstorm ideas for future Run BTS episodes.

125 – K-HAM special – first episode without Suga as he was out with surgery. The members cook in their own kitchen at the dorm with Korean celebrity chef Baek Jong-won (also known as Paik Jong-won in alternate romanization) — V and RM are fanboys and want his autograph for their moms. There is a lot of spam (it is a product placement). V is pretty weird, but the food turns out well.

** 126/127 – 777 Lucky Seven – Suga is in these episodes and seems fine so this is another pre-surgery set. The members play a variety of minute-to-win-it style games – there are 14 games and they must pass them all to be able to go home. JK is a god and Suga and j-hope are terrible (but manage to turn things around) and there is general adorable mayhem, plus an appearance by Jimin’s New Trainee/Sears Catalogue Boys’ Page portrait from episode 106.

** 128 – Korean New Year 2021 and Games at Home – without Suga. The other members play games you can do at home – red light green light, play a harmonica and guess the song, try not to smash an egg, and a bluffing game where one member doesn’t know the secret password but must convince the others he does. V kisses Jin on the cheek and RM and V smash a lot of eggs.

129/130 – Tennis Lesson – they begin their “long term project” of learning to play tennis with an outdoor group lesson from some famous Korean players, then some indoor lessons at a gym. Suga is there for the first lesson as this is just before his surgery, but out for the other lessons. J-hope is the pride and joy of BTS.

** 131/132 – Poolside debates – 7 debates on silly topics, each for 11 minutes. If the members say certain words, they get sprayed with a water cannon in the face. If they do certain actions, they all get sprayed and the central moderator gets a giant water bomb. So funny it’s hard to breathe, absolutely legendary.

133/134/135 – BTS Trivia challenge – members (without Suga) have to search online for the answers to BTS trivia questions, then have to “guess the dance” when shown a very bad dancer doing their choreography; then, in the third episode they have to hide a “k-pop related” item somewhere in the building and go on a search. JK loses the first round and has to use a giant, hilariously oversized keyboard. Jin is brilliant at hiding stuff, as expected.

136/137 – Silly Answers contest – given phrases in Satoori (localized slang) they have to guess what they mean; identify numeric codes people used to use on pagers to communicate phrases; song lyric charades; translated lyrics interpretation; 1-second song sample guess; and guess the mash-up of songs. Jimin/JK, RM/V, and Jin/j-hope are the teams (Suga is still out from his surgery). Almost everyone attempts to call their moms for help with varied results (JK is the most successful, and his mom loves Jimin!) and everyone is a shameless answer stealer (poor V!). 

138/139 – Learn to play ping pong! Still no Suga. Cute, they all do surprisingly well. V is the champ.

** Episode 140 / 141 – Games Retreat. This is actually a 4-episode arc in conjunction with a Korean game show, 15ya / Game Caterers. The members (including SUGA, who returns after his surgery) go on a small “retreat” to a house in the forest. In the first episode (Run BTS episode 140), they play a celebrity ID name with the Game Changers host, Na Young Seok, for BBQ items, but end up with only kimchi and rice; Jin, Jimin, and V make a deal for a few strips of pork belly, and SUGA cooks. In the second episode – on the Game Caterers’ YouTube channel – they are each given a secret challenge and it devolves into complete chaos as they sabotage each other for the prize of $700 in gift certificates – SO FUNNY. In the third episode (Run BTS episode 141), they play a Jeopardy-style song naming game, but first, each member must list their biggest flaw, and then yell out that flaw to “ring in.” The flaws are:

  • JK – I want to do many things, but I lack patience (can’t commit to projects)
  • SUGA – I am physically weak and lose concentration easily
  • Jimin – I can be blunt
  • RM – I’m not well-rounded (meaning, does not have a lot of real world practical skills)
  • Jin – I don’t think about things
  • V – I’m irresponsible and lazy
  • J-hope – When I’m alone, I get quiet and it makes my parents worry.

In the last episode of the set, they play ping pong and cannot use any English words (surprisingly hard for them), then each member has to try to earn a golden ball by doing a personal challenge. RM’s is especially funny, when he makes up a totally fake fairy tale on the spot and tries to sell it as real. Episodes 1 and 3 are available on vLive/Weverse, while episodes 2 and 4 of the set are broken into 3 parts each and are on the Game Changers YouTube channel. (Episode 2 first part, Episode 4 first part).

A new opening was revealed for Run BTS episode 142 using the song Butter.

142 – Cooking Challenge (June 2021) – Cooking show with Celebrity chef Baek Jong-won. Chef Paik is back and is a delightful father figure to the members in the kitchen (except for Suga, as this was filmed while he was still out from shoulder surgery). The members break into two teams (Jin, JK, V and Jimin, RM, j-hope) to make kimchi dishes from scratch and everyone is very pleased with the delicious results.

143 – Telling fairy tales. The members (without SUGA) are divided into two teams of three – j-hope, Jin, and Jungkook versus RM, Jimin, and V. Each group is to compose a children’s book or fairy tale, then illustrate it. V ends up wanting to write his own book and breaks away from his group, only to find that it’s too much work for one person, so he steals j-hope from the other team, resulting in three teams of two. Once the stories are written, they call SUGA and ask him to read the stories out loud and comment on them; he agrees, so the end of the episode shows him in the Genius Lab reading the books out loud.

144 – BTS ARMY Quiz. Based on ARMY answers to an online survey in early 2021, the members (OT7) try to guess at songs ARMY loves the most and would most like to see performed live.

145 / 146 / 147 – Korean Folk Village (Yongin City). A continuation of the BTS Village storyline started in episodes 47/48 and carried on in episodes 120/121. The ARMY bomb that was broken by RM/V in the last segment caused them to travel through time back to historical Korea. Dressed in traditional costumes, they must try to find the missing piece of the ARMY bomb, as well as complete an individual mission for hints/powers, and try to identify which ones of them are spies – all while avoiding the guards who are trying to arrest them as thieves. As usual, the rules are hazy, no one really seems to know what’s going on, poor JK’s cameraman runs a marathon, and there is total chaos, especially at the end when the members try to figure out who is good (and can therefore join in on the ARMY bomb raising to the sky), and who is a traitor (and therefore must be banned from touching the ARMY bomb).

148 / 149 – Interior Decorating. The members are broken into two teams – SUGA leads Jimin and JK, Jin leads RM, j-hope, and V. An opening decor-related trivia contest turns into a SUGA/RM showdown for advantages, and ends in a dead heat. Then, the teams go on to decorate a room each, by building a lot of IKEA furniture, painting, and laying floor tile.

150 / 151 – Hotel Staycation. The members are taken to the brand new Josun Palace Hotel in Korea for the day for a staycation. First they play musical and trivia games to decide who gets which room – Jungkook shows off his perfect pitch and uses it to win the master suite. Then, they each get a day to spend alone in their room doing whatever they like – napping, playing video games, reading, watching TV are all on the menu. There’s an additional challenge where they are allowed to order food and games from a special menu, and if they hit the “mystery budget” exactly, they will win a cash prize. RM figures out that the mystery budget is “801 000 won” based on the very first Run BTS airdate of August 1, 2015, and they do manage to win the prize of 1000000 won each.

** 152 / 153 – Aluminum Tray Singing Game. Based on a Korean game show, BTS has to sing a song line by line – and when they make a mistake, they get bonked on the head by an aluminum tray falling from the ceiling. To win helps/advantages, they first play a cartoon show theme song guessing game, which Suga rocks despite not seeing most of the shows, and makes Jimin very frustrated. In Part 2, they sing older Korean songs as karaoke for additional points (or negative points, depending on how well they do). Suga loses (based on his terrible karaoke) and has to take the punishment – walking a narrow bridge between the two towers of Seoul’s tallest building, with RM has his chosen sidekick. Even if you don’t know Korean or the older songs here, OT7 are so charming and funny, your face will hurt from smiling.

** 154 / 155 – The Last. After announcing that regular episodes of Run BTS would go on hiatus, they aired this last episode where the members remember great moments from the show. They then repeat a couple of their most popular past challenges, including the photo jumping challenge (just as funny as the first time!), have a picnic, and receive a photo book of memories from the staff.

Run BTS! Season 4 (Recurring Special Episodes)

As promised, BTS started airing occasional episodes of Run BTS on an irregular basis starting in 2022. Opening credits song for these is Run BTS (of course!). As with other seasons, all episodes are available for free on Weverse and YouTube.

Special Episode MBTI Lab (May 2022) – Two episodes where BTS takes the Myers-Briggs test and compares their results to each other. This is not technically a Run BTS episode but sure feels like one, so thought it was worth it to list here for the vibe. Available on YouTube. Episode 1 / Episode 2

Special Episode Telepathy (August 2022) – First official Run BTS Special Episode, available in all locations. First they have to answer questions and match each other as a group (FAIL) and then they are each given separate cars and a clue to see if they will follow the clue and end up in the same place from their past (more successful). Clues include: “Real Fun” (Jin, V, Jimin, and RM go to their first dorm, while JK goes to Lotte World, SUGA goes to a park by the Han River, and j-hope goes to the Olympic Stadium); “salty” meaning “mad” (larger group goes to their second (blue) dorm where they meet JK, while Suga goes to the restaurant they used to frequent, and j-hope goes to the first dorm). For the third round, they make up their own clues and V’s clue is “that place by the Han river where we rode bikes that time” and when j-hope and Suga meet each other at the first dorm, they figure this one out and all are reunited at the Han River park. One last round with the clue “ARMY” has 6 of 7 members heading to the Olympic Stadium while V goes to the place of their first showcase, DOH. Part 1 / Part 2

Special Episode Fly BTS Fly (October 2022) – BTS does flying yoga. Everyone suffers, with Jin and j-hope being especially terrible. V gives up and decides to just watch, while Jungkook enjoys swinging in the hammock more than anything else. Meanwhile, Jimin is gorgeous and flexible and beloved by the instructor. Part 1 / Part 2

Special Episode Run BTS TV On-Air (November 2022) – Each member has to do a pretend 15-minute Live with an audience of the six other members, who are commenting remotely from a different room. Jungkook drums, Suga paints, Jin plays video games, j-hope showcases toys, RM does a This-Or-That challenge, V golfs, and Jimin does a mukbang – all while the other members show that they know ARMY all too well by mimicking all our favourite Live comments and interactions. Pretty darn funny. Part 1 / Part 2

Special Episode Next Top Genius (January 2023) – Members engage in brain games (which also involve a lot of luck), including a numbers card game, a “find the liar” game, and a dice rolling game. They also eat pizza from their sponsor (and Jin’s friend) Paik Jungwon, and Tae and JK are on diets so they use that as an opportunity to torture each other. Part 1 / Part 2

Special Episode Mini Field Day (February 2023) – BTS competes ladder-style in simplified versions of fencing, volleyball, and soap-soccer (!!). Be sure to zoom in and see the custom animal logos on each of their track suits, based on their Twitter icon animals. This is the last Run BTS episode filmed before Jin entered the military in December 2022. Part 1 / Part 2