Rookie King Episodes

Rookie King is a BTS reality show from September 2013. It is 8 1-hour(ish) episodes containing skits, interviews, musical challenges, and pranks.

Episode 1 includes a tour of their dorm and their practice studio; hidden prank cam where they are supposed to dance in an elevator, but then a pretty, crying girl gets on; the three rappers remembering their first performance together as BTS trainees (before the others were added) back in 2011, with a song they wrote called Satoori Rap (also known as Paldogangsan, it’s on O!RUL82?), where they all three used their regional accents; has the boys in a sauna/spa playing a card game for punishments (RM is the MC and is exempt); giveaway: j-hope’s MP3 player from middle school.

Episode 2 includes: cooking challenge for RM’s birthday; same card game with punishments as last time – RM has to sing; giveaway Jimin’s bandana; clips of them filming their comeback video in white suits.

Episode 3 – Harvest Moon Festival Episode – School exam competition. Iconic arts competitions where they have to compose a song boasting of their talents, a poem, and a drawing; then do basic training competition – archery, horseback riding, chicken fight. Plus Jungkook gives away a t-shirt.

Episode 4 – absolutely ICONIC punishment game where J-Hope and V KISS OMG. The members shout their complaints at PD Bang on the BigHit Rooftop. The boys play a basketball game – young ones versus older ones with j-hope as the commentator. V gives away a wallet.

Episode 5 – punishment game where JK eats a spicy milkshake and Suga dresses as a French Maid to serve people in a restaurant (“hip hop is dead”). J-Hope, V, JK, and Jimin film a video where they hit on a girl walking down a street (Beautiful, a cover of a Mariah Carey song). They go bowling with RM as the commentator and Jin is just terrible. Jin gives away his pillow.

Beautiful MV:

Beautiful dance practice:

Episode 6 – played a pebble shooting game; punishments include Jin wearing a red dress and running on a treadmill. RM gives away his sunglasses. They sing Karaoke and each one has a sad story to go with their song. 

Episode 7 – behind the scenes diary of them getting ready for a Music Bank show – V films them while sleeping and RM surprises him. The vocal line performs a song (You’re My) in a park. Two rounds of punishment game – in round one, RM dresses as Sailor Moon, in round two, V dresses as a ladybug fairy.

Episode 8 – Jin, Suga, and RM film a video for their song Adult Child (a cover/remake of the Common song Celebrate); the boys play X-man games where one is a hidden spy (and he is great at it!). One of the X-Man games is them standing face to face insulting each other, and the one insulted can’t say anything other than “of course” or else they lose – JK takes full advantage of this to use informal speech with Jin (“Hey you!”) and j-hope goes low when he brings up the kissing situation with V.

Adult Child MV:

Adult Child dance practice: