BTS Fan-Made Fun

A place just to store miscellaneous, fun BTS content online – as if you needed more to keep you busy!

Ringtones and MP3s

Cute collection of Ringtones here, thanks to @giantherockstar on Twitter

Another amazing treasure trove of cute sounds and ringtones here, thanks to @i_am_hyyh_fire on Twitter

MP3s of various BTS and other Kpop bands of obscure or live stuff

Also, this really cool BTS Spotify Playlist Generator comes in handy when it’s a comeback and you’d like to quickly spin up a list with their latest releases.

Fun and Funny Quizzes

Buzzfeed “which member are you” quiz – this one is our favourite! If you’re a fan of the Try Guys on YouTube, you can see them learn about BTS and take this same quiz here.

You can try this one too, or this one, see if you get the same member!

Buzzfeed “which member are you” quiz – see BTS themselves take the quiz at that link, then do the quiz yourself below

Dream Glow Magazine’s Perfect BTS Date quiz – so charming and very very funny

Which SeokJin Are You Quiz – absolutely hilarious and shockingly accurate.

Which BTS two-member combo are you most like? – by awesome reporter Jenna Guillaume

Choose your favourite BTS songs to see which member you are most like – sooooo difficult! How do you pick?

Really hard BTS Trivia – for advanced ARMY only! by Jenna Guillaume

Another pretty tough BTS Trivia quiz by Jenna

Buzzfeed BTS home quiz – guess your bias based on the house you build

Who sings the last line? – Buzzfeed song quiz for advanced ARMY only

Which song from the album BE are you? – Buzzfeed quiz

Really hard BTS Song Name Scrambles – but take your time and you can probably figure them out!

All BTS Songs (June 2023) Quiz – By rkives (

Sweet and Delightful Fan-written Articles

Jenna Guillaume is an Australian pop culture writer we like who often writes about kPop and BTS for various publications including Buzzfeed. Here’s her article introducing new ARMY to BTS and her picks for best Run BTS episodes.

Kate Halliwell is a writer for The Ringer and writes truly hilarious and beloved articles about BTS. A couple of her best include:

Katie Donvaband is a writer for InStyle and has several very funny articles about BTS fashion:

P. Claire Dodson of Teen Vogue often has some good BTS coverage, too.

Scaachi Koul of Buzzfeed wrote this hilarious (and oh-so-accurate) column about falling for the boys at the Permission to Dance Las Vegas concert.

Are you a grown-ass adult who loves BTS and no one gets it? You’re not alone.

My own Twitter threads to keep:

Other fave funny Twitter threads:


Borahae Granny Squares (crochet) by @cbwentworth – Google Doc / Tweet

Cool ARMY YouTube Channels and Blogs

Qdeoks – Qdeoks is a legendary ARMY who a) seems to get all the Bangtan info first, and b) makes a LOT of content available to poor ARMY or ARMY in foreign countries by sharing (illegal) videos and streaming Korean TV shows live on her Twitch stream. There’s an ongoing rumour that Qdeoks is actually SUGA, and that’s unlikely (!!), but she’s possibly a member of BigHit staff or has contacts with insider knowledge. In any case, her Twitter account is a good one to follow even though it gets suspended from time to time, and her website is an amazing repository of old concerts you can’t find anywhere else. Her website also gets yanked from time to time due to copyright issues but if it’s up you can find it here.

Army-ing 101 is a YouTube channel that builds playlists around BTS themes – for example, you can find playlists around each music release, each show, individual documentary projects, etc.

Wheel of Comfort Lyrics – Feeling blue? Try spinning this wheel to get a random comfort lyric from BTS – so adorable, so fun!

DoolSetBangtan – A blog run by a long-time ARMY that translates their lyrics, and also explains a lot of the context behind their lyrics, like in-jokes, double meanings, and cultural references. You can also follow her on Twitter.

Muish’s Ramblings – another translation blog that tranlsates lyrics, but also muses on the meaning behind them and the themes in BTS’ music – thoughtful and interesting.

Bangtan Korean – A blog that breaks down the lyrics to some of their songs and teaches you some Korean on the side.

Playlist Generator – Created by fantastic (but now closed) Twitter mastermind @btschartdata, this website has tools for generating BTS playlists on various platforms. You can target comeback songs and also track stats for various songs, helping to hit milestone targets for old and new songs alike.

The BTS Effect – a blog by Courtney Lazore that began as a deep dive site to talk about the BTS Universe (and you can still find lots of cool and insightful discussions on that topic), it now posts about BTS and their coverage in the media in a more general, but no less interesting, way. Updated sporadically but still great, and a must-read if you’re in your HYYM phase.

Dream Glow Magazine – feeling creative? Dream Glow is a lovely magazine that publishes creative works made by ARMY (not necessarily about BTS, just BTS inspired).

Bangtan Subs – your #1 source for English-subbed content, especially older stuff. Explore their YouTube channel for all the old Bangtan Bombs and some older TV specials, subbed into English. They also have a website with more subbed content (like the webtoons) and they sometimes generate their own original content too, like this fantastic series on the individual verbal “tics” of each member — V / SUGA / j-hope / Jin

East2West – a dance group based in Montreal, Canada, that does truly amazing and bang-on dance recreations of kPop songs, including many BTS top hits. Don’t miss their funny versions of a few songs performed in high heels!

WhatChaGot2Say – three men, including two professional dancers, analyze and react to BTS performances and videos. They are absolutely charming and huge BTS fans and to tell the truth, we here at BTS 101 kind of stan them as well.

MarianneDraws – absolutely adorable and sweet cartoon versions of some BTS videos and memorable Run BTS moments; she also has a lovely line of posters in her Etsy shop.

That Good Feeling – a Korean culture and cooking YouTube channel that recreates a lot of recipes used by BTS on their trips and shows – go directly to their Playlists page to see a variety of Playlists of MVs, interviews, appearances, and other content from each era.

BTS MVP – this is our channel! Two Canadian fans do a deep dive into their biggest hits and pick their favourite part of each song.

InternetsNathan – if you get into other kPop acts, Nathan is a great resource. His profiles on past and present kPop acts are thoughtful and interesting and really help you understand the history of the whole industry and the context that BTS fits into.

DKDKTV – David and Danny Kim talk about all things kPop on this channel. Their goal is to help those interested in kPop and Korean culture understand some nuances of the language and the breaking news of the day. Their best videos are super deep dives into some of BTS’ lyrics – for example, you’ll fall in love with the song Ddaeng once you understand every single clever pun in there (and there are dozens!).

MiniDance – a YouTube channel that is no longer being updated, but their existing videos that do deep dives into the lyrics of BTS songs – from the perspective of actual Koreans – are fascinating and insightful. Try this one about their song Fire for starters. They also do dives into other kPop songs if you’re a multistan.

Seokjin My Feels – A YouTube channel that has SUCH funny compilation videos. Perfect for curling up with in your jammies just before bed.

Reddit Thread on Pre-Debut Bangtan: A series of posts that covers pre-debut activities by RM, Suga, and Bangtan in general – some fascinating information you won’t see anywhere else. (Bangtan Part 2, Bangtan Part 3)

A very early interview from July 2013 with Pdogg about how the band was formed, translations from the Tongue Technology blog

Mahoneysuga – has a Twitter feed where she posts high-quality, enhanced scans of many of their recent promo photos. If Twitter has died, find her files in her Google Drive.

Twitter thread of classic BTS fancafe videos – these are from before the birth of Weverse, courtesy of @SeoknoJam.

There used to be a very cool Discord called Bangtan Academy where you could learn Korean for free. It’s defunct now but you can find the intro course by Courtney Lazore on her website, The BTS Effect.

Places to watch kDramas and other Korean Shows – a website that streams current kDramas and some kPop related reality shows. You can watch for free with heavy ad content – if it’s a current show, it usually takes a few days after airing for subs to be added. Or, you can pay for a monthly subscription to watch ad-free. You can watch I-Land here – the reality show that spawned Enhyphen and features BTS in two guest appearances – as well as True Beauty, a kDrama where one of the main male characters was reportedly based on Jin.

Supporting Literature

This list by The BTS Effect compiles works of literature that are referenced by BTS’ songs and videos, as well as scholarly articles and books analyzing BTS’ rise to fame and their effect on culture and music.