BTS Full Discography

Unit 2 gives you an overview of their eras, singles, and musical themes. But sometimes we find it’s useful to have more of a timeline of all their musical releases for reference – this is it.

2 Cool 4 Skool – June 2013 (Single)

  • Intro: 2 Cool 4 Skool, Feat. DJ Friz (RM)
  • No more dream (lead single)
  • We are bulletproof pt. 2 (single)
  • Like (sometimes translated as I Like You)
  • Skit: Circle Room Talk
  • Interlude
  • Outro: Circle Room: Cypher
  • Hidden track, Skit: On the Start Line, CD only
  • Hidden track, Path, CD only

Fun facts:

  • A “cypher” is a freestyle rap circle where rappers take turns expanding on a theme or dissing each other.
  • Why is We Are Bulletproof “Pt. 2”? The full story is in our Predebut BTS article, but you can listen to the original “pt. 1” version here.

O!RUL8,2? – September 2013 (extended play)

  • Intro: O! RUL8,2 (RM)
  • N.O. (lead single)
  • Attack on Bangtan (single) (sometimes translated as Rise of Bangtan)
  • Paldogangsan
  • We On
  • Coffee
  • If I Ruled the World
  • BTS Cypher Pt. 1 (rap line)
  • Skit: R U Happy Now?
  • Outro: Luv in School (vocal line)

Fun fact: Paldogangsan is an old nickname for Korea (meaning: 8 provinces with rivers and mountains). It’s a song about Satoori – the various localized accents of Korea. Find out more in this lyrics deep dive.

Skool Luv Affair – February 2014 (extended play)

Re-released as a special edition in May 2014 – including extra tracks, instrumental versions of several tracks, and a double DVD featuring the Skool Luv Affair showcase that was in February 2014

  • Intro: Skool Luv Affair (rap line)
  • Boy in Luv (lead single)
  • Just One Day (single)
  • Jump
  • Spinebreaker
  • Tomorrow
  • Where did you come from?
  • BTS Cypher Pt. 2: Triptych (rap line)
  • Skit: Soulmate
  • Outro: Propose (vocal line)
  • Miss Right (re-release only)
  • Like (slow jam remix – re-release only)

Fun facts:

  • Boy In Luv is the only song that BTS has recorded in Chinese (Mandarin). This version is available on the Taiwan Special Limited Edition of Dark & Wild. A Japanese version, along with many of their other hits, is available on the Wake Up album.
  • Just One Day has two dance practice videos – one serious, and one where V is laughing hard the entire time. The reason for his laughter remains a mystery to this day although it seems to have been provoked by RM’s antics, if you look closely!
  • BTS made their own video for Spinebreaker for Track 15 (Episode 15) of BTS GAYO.

Concert info: BTS did a Skool Luv Affair pre-release showcase for ARMY in February 2014 – this is included with the Special Edition. First Muster was in March 2014.

Unpack Your Bags – RM – May 2014 (solo single)

Written for his appearance on the 4 Things Show on MNet – an hour-long special that invited RM to address misconceptions about what it means to be an underground rapper versus an idol. He was originally going to include his song Too Much, a reworking of Drake’s song Too Much with new lyrics from 2013, but he felt its angry lyrics were not reflective of how he had come to view himself and his history, and so wrote Unpack Your Bags for the special instead.

Dark & Wild – August 2014 (full studio album)

  • Intro: What am I to you? (RM)
  • Danger (lead single) – Acoustic Mo-Blue-Mix featuring THANH, the co-composer of this track, was released as a digital single only
  • War of Hormone (single)
  • Hip Hop Lover (sometimes translated as Hip Hop Phile)
  • Let me Know
  • Rain
  • BTS Cypher Pt. 3: Killer, Feat. Supreme Boi (rap line)
  • Interlude: What are you doing now?
  • Can you turn off your phone?
  • Blanket Kick (sometimes translated as Embarrassed)
  • 24/7 Heaven
  • Look Here
  • 2nd Grade
  • Outro: Does that make sense? (vocal line)

Fun fact: War of Hormone has several moments in the choreo where the members can make up their own steps/do a little solo. See a compilation here.

Concert info: First half of the Red Bullet tour was in fall 2014. BTS Begins concert (The Red Bullet) was in March 2015.

Wake Up – December 2014 (Japanese)

  • Intro (instrumental only)
  • Wake Up
  • The Stars
  • Like Pt. 2 – At That Place
  • Outro
  • Plus Japanese versions of most of their big hits to date, including No More Dream, Like, Attack on Bangtan, N.O, Boy In Luv, Just One Day, Danger, Jump

Fun fact: BTS has performed a Korean language version of Like Pt. 2 live in concert a few times, including at the BTS Begins concert, but a recorded version has not been released.

rm – RM – March 2015 (solo mixtape)

Fun facts:

  • Available on Soundcloud only
  • RM had a solo show as part of the All Force One rap/hip-hop festival in the summer of 2015. He performed several of these songs from his mixtape, before bringing out SUGA and j-hope to join him to perform some of BTS’ rapline songs as well. Here’s a clip from Monster.
  • Although this mixtape is only available on Soundcloud, you can download it and a printable booklet with lyrics from the Official Bangtan Blog – link here.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1 – April 2015 (extended play)

Fun facts:

  • When performing Boys With Fun live, there’s a part near the end with no set choreo. Instead, V makes up a new dance step in this segment that is different every time, and the other boys have to copy it!
  • RM uploaded his original guide track for Converse High to Soundcloud in 2015, with some additional/alternate lyrics. He has since deleted it but of course, on the internet nothing ever dies. Listen here.
  • When performing Converse High on Korean music shows, they were not allowed to say “Converse” as it is a brand name, so they sang it as “Lovers High” instead (which makes no sense but whatever!)
  • The song Moving On is about the bittersweet feelings of leaving their first tiny, one-bedroom dorm for a bigger apartment now that they’d finally achieved some success.

Concert info: Second half of The Red Bullet tour was in July/August 2015.

Fantastic – RM ft. Mandy Ventrice – August 2015 (solo single)

A promotional track used for the South Korean release of the movie Fantastic Four.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2 – November 2015 (extended play)

  • Intro: Never Mind (rap line)
  • Run (lead single)
  • Butterfly
  • Whalien 52 
  • Ma City
  • Baepsae (Silver Spoon)
  • Skit: One Night in a Strange City
  • Autumn Leaves (sometimes translated as Dead Leaves or Falling Leaves)
  • Outro: House of Cards (vocal line)

Fun fact: The Korean title of Silver Spoon, Baepsae, is the name of a small brown bird that is the subject of a Korean saying: “if a baepsae walks like a stork, it will break its legs,” meaning you should stay in your lane and not try to move up too much. Baepsae is often translated into English as “crowtit” but a more proper translation is “venous throated parrotbill.” Baepsae has lots of other complex references to Korean society and history in its lyrics, it’s worth it to watch a deep dive video like this one.

Concert info: Second Muster was in January 2016. First half of The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage was in fall 2015.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever – May 2016 (compilation)

  • Includes all tracks from the previous two parts EXCEPT Boyz With Fun (pt1) Never Mind (pt2), plus:
  • Burning Up (Fire) (lead single)
  • Save Me (single)
  • Epilogue: Young Forever (single)
  • Butterfly (Prologue Mix) (vocal line)
  • Butterfly (Alternative Mix)
  • I Need U (Urban Mix)
  • I Need U (Remix)
  • Run (Ballad Mix)
  • Run (Alternative Mix)

Fun fact: Young Forever has an acoustic version that was created for one of the Festas and only released on Soundcloud.

Concert info: Second half of The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage tour was May-August 2016.

Reality show info: Bon Voyage Season 1 (Norway, Sweden, Finland) fits in here – filmed spring 2016.

Agust-D – SUGA as AgustD – August 2016 (solo mixtape)

  • Intro: Dt sugA (feat. DJ Friz)
  • Agust D
  • Give It To Me
  • Skit
  • 724148
  • 140503 at Dawn
  • The Last
  • Tony Montana (feat. Yankie)
  • Interlude: Dream, Reality
  • So Far Away (feat. Suran)

Fun fact: SUGA performed Tony Montana with Jimin at Third Muster – Jimin wrote his own lyrics for his replaced rap part, with RM’s help – and it became instant legend. A recording of that version is on Proof Disc 3 and they performed it again, slightly modified, at SUGA’s second last D-Day tour date in Seoul. Tony Montana is the name of the lead character in the movie Scarface.

Youth – September 2016 (Japanese)

  • Introduction: Youth
  • Good Day
  • Wishing on a Star
  • For You
  • Plus Japanese versions of: Run, Fire, Dope, Save Me, Boyz With Fun, Silver Spoon, Butterfly, I Need U, Epilogue: Young Forever

Fun fact: BTS performed a Korean version of Wishing on a Star at the 6th Muster concert, SooWooZoo, but a recording has not been released.

Wings – October 2016 (full studio album)

Fun facts:

Concert info: Third Muster, November 2016.

It’s Definitely You – V and Jin – December 2016 (solo single)

V and Jin song from the Hwarang soundtrack

Best Of – Japanese and Korean Editions – January 2017 (Japanese)

These were two different discs released in the Japanese market only that were Best Of compilations.

Best Of – Japanese Edition contains all their big title tracks that were recorded in Japanese up until that time, plus some DVD video content.

Best Of – Korean Edition contains all their big title tracks in the original Korean.

You Never Walk Alone – February 2017 (repackage/compilation)

This is a repackaged version of Wings, including all original tracks and adding:

Fun facts:

  • RM sings the opening lines to Spring Day on the recorded version – but has never done so when they perform it live. Instead, j-hope always sings this part in concert.
  • Spring Day has a “Brit Rock Remix” released for one of the Festas.

Concert info: Wings Tour of spring/summer 2017 is featured in the documentary Burn the Stage, released 2018.

Reality show info: Bon Voyage Season 2 (Hawaii) fits in here – filmed spring 2017.

4 O’Clock – V and RM – June 2017 (solo single)

Written and released for 4th Festa

Love Yourself: Her – September 2017 (extended play)

  • Intro: Serendipity (Jimin)
  • DNA (lead single)
  • Best of Me
  • Dimple (vocal line)
  • Pied Piper
  • Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech
  • MIC Drop (single)
  • Go Go (single)
  • Outro: Her (rap line)
  • Hidden track, Skit: Hesitation and Fear (CD only)
  • Hidden track, Sea (CD only)

Fun fact: Social media dance-challenge kings The Williams Family created a 30-second dance challenge for Go Go – and this was later incorporated into the actual choreo for the song.

Tour info: Fourth Muster, January 2018.

Hope World – J-Hope – March 2018 (solo mixtape)

  • Hope World
  • P.O.P. (Piece of Peace) Pt.1
  • Daydream (lead single)
  • Base Line
  • Hangsang (feat. Supreme Boi)
  • Airplane (single)
  • Blue Side (Outro)

Love Yourself: Wonder – April 2018 (video release only)

  • Euphoria (Jungkook’s solo song from the Love Yourself set, it was released separately with a long MV that adds to the Bangtan Universe)

Face Yourself – April 2018 (Japanese)

  • Intro: Ringwanderung
  • Don’t Leave Me
  • Crystal Snow
  • Let Go
  • Outro: Crack
  • Japanese versions of other big hits to date, including: Blood Sweat & Tears, Best of Me, DNA, Not Today, MIC Drop, Go Go, Spring Day

Fun fact: Crystal Snow has a remix by Tokima Tokio made exclusively to play on the McDonalds music network in Japan.

Love Yourself: Tear – May 2018 (full studio album)

  • Intro: Singularity (V)
  • Fake Love (lead single)
  • The Truth Untold (vocal line)
  • 134340
  • Paradise
  • Love Maze
  • Magic Shop
  • Airplane Pt. 2
  • Anpanman
  • So What
  • Outro: Tear (rap line)

Fun facts:

  • Airplane Pt. 2 is a modified version of Airplane from j-hope’s solo mixtape, Hope World.
  • Anpanman is a Japanese anime character that is enormously popular and has dozens of movies, books, webtoons, and more. He is a kind of low-grade superhero with a head made of bread, who can’t do much to save the world but offers bread-based comfort to those in pain or need.
  • In Outro: Tear, the title word is pronounced Tear as in crying (RM’s portion), Tear as in ripping apart (Suga’s portion), and also changed into Fear (j-hope’s portion). It’s a song about a breakup but it was written for the members themselves when they were thinking about disbanding in early 2018.

Reality show info: Bon Voyage Season 3 (Malta) fits in here – filmed summer 2018.

Love Yourself: Answer – August 2018 (compilation album)

  • All previous Love Yourself tracks EXCEPT Pied Piper (Her), So What, 134340, Paradise, Love Maze (all from Tear) plus:
  • Euphoria (JK)
  • Serendipity (full length edition – Jimin)
  • Idol (lead single) – alternate version with rap by Nicki Minaj is a digital single only
  • Trivia: Just Dance (j-hope)
  • Trivia: Love (RM)
  • Trivia: Seesaw (Suga)
  • Epiphany (Jin)
  • I’m Fine
  • Answer: Love Myself
  • DNA (Pedal 2 LA Remix)
  • Fake Love (Rocking Vibe Remix)
  • MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)

A quick word about the song MIC Drop. There are multiple versions:

  • The original version by BTS is mostly in Korean and appears on the Love Yourself: Her album. This version is just called “MIC Drop” and you can sometimes see them performing this version on Korean TV shows.
  • The first Steve Aoki remix, featuring a long intro rap by Desiigner and almost exclusively English lyrics – this version has SUGA, j-hope, and RM sharing the rap part that eventually becomes RM’s alone. This version is called “MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) Feat. Desiinger” and was released only as a digital single.
  • The BTS/Steve Aoki remix, which uses Steve Aoki’s harder beats, but blends some Korean parts (like the opening rap, replacing Desiigner with j-hope and SUGA’s original parts) and some English parts from the Desiigner version (like the chorus and RM’s rap part). This version is called “MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)” and is on the Love Yourself: Answer CD along with the original Korean version. This is the version you’ll see performed most often on American TV and is the most well-known version worldwide.
  • And just to mess you up even more, like most of their big hits, BTS also recorded a Japanese version of the original, which was released as a CD single and is also on the Face Yourself album.

Other Fun Facts:

  • Euphoria was originally co-written and mixed by DJ Swivel, and he has his own alternate, absolutely GORGEOUS version of Euphoria called the DJ Swivel Forever Remix, which was only released on YouTube.
  • I’m Fine is a parallel song to Save Me from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever. They have a similar opening riff (but I’m Fine’s happier version is in a different key) and the musical notes of each mirror each other; as well, if you look up RM’s two rap parts in particular, you’ll see his I’m Fine rap is a reversal, line for line, of his Save Me rap. They often performed the two songs together, as seen in this clip.
  • All Love Yourself album cover art, from Her through Answer, connect together to form one larger graphic. See more about the LY era album cover design here.

Concert info: Love Yourself Tour of 2018 is featured in the documentary film Bring the Soul, released 2019 – filmed October 2018 at the end of the European leg.

Mono – RM – October 2018 (solo mixtape)

Promise – Jimin – December 2018 (solo single)

Map of the Soul: Persona – April 2019 (extended play)

  • Intro: Persona (RM)
  • Boy With Luv (lead single) feat. Halsey
  • Make it Right (single) – alternate version featuring Lauv singing an extended English-only opening is available as a digital single only
  • Dionysus
  • Mikrokosmos
  • Home
  • Jamais Vu (j-hope, Jin, JK)

Fun facts:

  • The original Dionysus choreo included a full-body drop (while Jin and RM are singing, the other five members do this move). However, after JK hit his face doing this move during one of their show rehearsals, it was replaced with a simpler move where they just drop to one knee.
  • The Korean name of “Boy With Luv” is “A Poem for Small Things” and RM says both titles together are important to understand the message of the song.
  • SUGA’s line in the song Home about “big house, big cars, big rings” is a callback to their first ever single, No More Dream.

Concert info: Break the Silence documentary features the Asian leg of the Love Yourself tour (late 2018) plus their extension of their Love Yourself world tour (called Love Yourself: Speak Yourself) after the release of Persona – to add the new songs and appear in a few more countries, in spring/summer 2019. Released late 2020.

BTS World – June 2019 (soundtrack EP)

  • Soundtrack to their video game that walks you through the process of forming the band and making it big.
  • Soundtrack features the singles:
    • Dream Glow (Jin, Jimin, Jungkook with Charlie XCX)
    • A Brand New Day (J-Hope, V with Zara Larsson)
    • All Night (RM, Suga with Juice Wrld)
    • Heartbeat (all members)

Concert info: 5th Muster, June 2019.

Reality show info: Bon Voyage Season 4 (New Zealand) fits in here – filmed summer 2019.

Tonight – Jin – June 2019 (solo single)

Written and released for 6th Festa

Scenery / Winter Bear – V – August 2019 (solo singles)

Chicken Noodle Soup – J-Hope with Becky G – September 2019 (solo single)

An adaptation of the original 2006 song by Webstar, Young B & AG aka The Voice Of Harlem. Fun fact: the original was the first song j-hope learned to dance to and started his passion for dance, which is why he chose to remake it. MV here.

Map of the Soul: 7 – February 2020 (full studio album)

  • Includes all tracks from Map of the Soul: Persona, EXCEPT Home and Mikrokosmos, plus adds in:
  • Interlude: Shadow (Suga)
  • Black Swan (single)
  • Filter (Jimin)
  • My Time (JK)
  • ON (lead single) – an alternate version featuring Sia in the chorus is a digital single only
  • Louder than Bombs
  • UGH! (rap line)
  • 00:00 – Zero O’Clock (vocal line)
  • Inner Child (V)
  • Friends (Jimin and V)
  • Moon (Jin)
  • Respect (Suga and RM)
  • We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal
  • Outro: Ego (j-hope)

Fun facts:

  • ON has an extended video with a dance break called the “Kinetic Manifesto” version. The dancers in this video are from The Lab, winners of Season 2 of World of Dance, and their head dancer, Sienna Lalau, is the choreographer. Bonus fun fact: she also helped choreograph Dionysus, Chicken Noodle Soup, Run BTS, and more.
  • The cover of MOTS:7 is an overlay of 7 different number 7s, one to represent each member. Learn more about the MOTS:7 cover art here.
  • The song Friends was included on the soundtrack to the Marvel film The Eternals because director Chloe Zhao is a BTS fan.

Sweet Night – V – March 2020 (solo single)

From the Itaewon Class kDrama soundtrack.

D-2 – Suga as AgustD – May 2020 (solo mixtape)

  • Daechwita (lead single)
  • People
  • Moonlight
  • What do you think?
  • Strange (feat. RM)
  • 28 (feat. NiiHWA)
  • Burn It (feat. MAX)
  • Honsool
  • Interlude: Set me free
  • Dear my friend (feat. Kim Jong-wan of NELL)

Fun fact: SUGA’s lyrics on this album include several references to past BTS hits, including Outro: Tear during Burn it; Nevermind in Moonlight; Spring Day in Dear My Friend, and No More Dream in What Do You Think.

Still With You – Jungkook – June 2020 (solo single)

Written and released for 7th Festa

Map of the Soul: 7 – The Journey – July 2020 (Japanese)

  • Intro: Calling
  • Stay Gold
  • Lights
  • Your Eyes Tell
  • Outro: The Journey
  • Other top singles in Japanese: Boy With Luv, Make It Right, Dionysus, IDOL, Airplane Pt. 2, Fake Love, Black Swan, ON

Fun fact: Your Eyes Tell is the lead song on the soundtrack for the Japanese movie, Your Eyes Tell, a remake of the Korean film Always

Reality show info: In The Soop Season 1 fits in here – filmed late summer 2020

Dynamite – August 2020 (single with remixes)

  • Dynamite single
  • Instrumental version
  • 8 other remixes, split between the NightTime version (Slow Jam, Midnight, Retro, Bedroom) and DayTime version (EDM, Tropical, Poolside, Acoustic)
  • There’s also a Holiday remix with bells, it’s hilarious but also oddly festive.

BE – November 2020 (mini-album)

  • Life Goes On (lead single)
  • Fly to my Room (j-hope, Suga, V, Jimin)
  • Blue & Grey
  • Skit
  • Telepathy
  • Dis-ease
  • Stay (RM, Jin, JK)
  • Dynamite

Fun fact: The Korean name of “Telepathy” is “Jamsi” which means briefly, or just for a moment.

Concert info: MOTS ON:E online concert, October 2020.

Abyss – Jin – December 2020 (solo single)

Christmas Love – Jimin – December 2020 (solo single)

Snow Flower – V (feat. Peakboy) – December 2020 (solo single)

Blue Side (full version) – j-hope – February 2021 (solo single)

Film Out – April 2021 (Japanese single)

From the soundtrack for the Japanese movie Signal: The Movie Cold Case Investigation Unit, a movie based on the Japanese TV series, which was itself a remake of the Korean TV series called Signal. MV here.

Bicycle – RM – June 2021 (solo single)

Written and released for 8th Festa

The Best – June 2021 (Japanese)

No new tracks, just most of their Japanese versions and songs to date (includes Film Out and Japanese version of Dynamite), plus a DVD with MVs and making of videos.

Butter – July 2021 (single with remixes)

  • Butter (lead single) – alternate version with rap by Megan Thee Stallion is a digital single only; Hotter, Cooler, and Sweeter remixes are digital only; plus there is a Holiday Remix (the MV is so cute)
  • Permission to Dance – R&B remix is digital only
  • Butter and PTD instrumental versions

Concert info: Sixth Muster, June 2021; Permission to Dance online concert, October 2021; PTD OnStage in LA+Seoul+Las Vegas, November 2021 to April 2022

Reality show info: In The Soop Season 2 was filmed around the end of July, 2021

My Universe – OT7 collab with Coldplay – September 2021 (single, also on Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres album)

MV here. They also performed it together live at the AMAs in 2022.

Yours – Jin – November 2021 (solo single)

From the soundtrack of the Kdrama Jirisan.

Christmas Tree – V – December 2021 (solo single)

From the soundtrack of the Kdrama Our Beloved Summer.

Stay Alive – Jungkook, prod. by SUGA – February 2022 (solo single)

From the soundtrack for their webtoon 7FATES: CHAKHO

With You – Jimin and Ha Sungwoon (of Wanna One) – May 2022 (duet single)

From the soundtrack of the Kdrama Our Blues.

Proof – June 2022 (Greatest Hits Package)

Three CD set containing their lead single from each of their previous releases (excluding the Japanese releases); one solo song and one subunit song as selected by each member; and awesome demos and rarities, including unreleased pre-debut songs Young Love and Quotation Mark.

The package also includes three new tracks:

Concert info: Yet to Come concert in Busan, October 15, 2022.

My You – Jungkook – June 2022 (solo song)

Written and released for 9th Festa. JK originally created this song during a birthday live feed using lyrics that had been suggested by ARMY on Weverse for a day or two before. However, due to copyright concerns he re-wrote the lyrics for the official release.

Jack in the Box – j-hope – July 2022 (solo album)

  • Intro
  • Pandora’s Box
  • MORE (lead single)
  • STOP (세상에 나쁜 사람은 없다)
  • = (Equal Sign)
  • Music Box: Reflection
  • What if…
  • Safety Zone
  • Future
  • 방화 (Arson)

As the original JITB release was digital only, the physical copy “Hope Version” was re-released in August 2023 due to fan demand, with additional live tracks recorded at Lollapalooza.

Fun facts:

  • The Korean name of the song “STOP” translates to “There are no bad people in the world.”
  • a very cool rock version of ARSON was released for Festa 2023

Concert info: j-hope was one of the headlining acts for the final day of the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago in July 2022 – only the second time a BTS member had had a solo concert (the first was RM’s appearance at the Air Force One music festival back in 2015). You can watch the full thing here.

The Astronaut – Jin – October 2022 (solo single)

A farewell song for ARMY when Jin announced he would be enlisting. Written with Coldplay, and Chris Martin provides backing vocals. MV here.

Concert info: Jin performed this song live with Coldplay at Coldplay’s concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on October 28, 2022. Watch it here.

Dreamers – Jungkook (ft. Fahad Al Kubaisi) – November 2022 (solo single)

Written for the FIFA World Cup 2022 soundtrack and performed at the opening ceremony. MV here.

Indigo – RM – December 2022 (solo album)

  • Yun (with Erykah Badu)
  • Still Life (with Anderson Paak) (single)
  • All Day (with Tablo)
  • 건망증 (Forg_tful) (with Kim Sawol)
  • Closer (with Paul Blanco, Mahalia)
  • Change Pt. 2
  • Lonely
  • Hectic (with Colde)
  • 들꽃놀이 (Wild Flower) (with Cho Youjeen of Cherry Filter) (lead single)
  • No. 2 (with Park Jiyoon)

Concert info: Great performances by RM when promoting Indigo include:

Also, don’t miss this deep dive into Indigo documentary that’s on the Bangtan TV channel.

on the street – J-Hope (feat. J. Cole) – March 2023 (solo single)

A song for ARMY released when j-hope announced he would be enlisting. MV here.

Fun facts:

  • Hoseok flew to NYC to film the video with J. Cole
  • J. Cole is a longtime inspiration for the rap line; the BTS song “Born Singer” is a reworking of his song “Born Sinner”
  • J. Cole and j-hope met at Lollapalooza and you can see that in the Disney+ documentary J-hope In The Box.
  • j-hope performed this song live on Jay Park’s show Drive and used his own rap break; find an MP3 of that version here (this version is now more widely available as it is on the Hope On The Street Vol. 1 soundtrack album)

FACE – Jimin – March 2023 (solo album)

  • Face Off
  • Interlude: Dive
  • Like Crazy (lead single)
  • Alone
  • Set Me Free pt. 2 (prerelease track)
  • Like Crazy (English version)
  • Letter (hidden track, ft. Jungkook)

Fun facts:

  • Set Me Free is “part 2” because there is a song of the same name on Suga’s first mixtape, Agust D.
  • Like Crazy takes its name from the movie of the same name, a favourite of Jimin’s, and includes quotes from the film
  • Aside from the usual MVs, dance practice videos, and show appearances, Jimin also made this very charming “listen along” video – recommended!

D-Day – Agust D – April 2023 (solo album)

The last album in SUGA’s Agust D trilogy (well, he said it was the last at first… but while on tour, he implied there might be more Agust D content to come).

  • D-Day
  • 해금 (Haegeum) (lead track)
  • HUH?! (ft. j-hope)
  • AMYGDALA (follow up track)
  • SDL
  • 사람 pt. 2 (People pt. 2 ft. IU) (prerelease track)
  • 극야 (Polar Night)
  • Interlude: Dawn
  • Snooze (ft. Ryuichi Sakamoto and Kim WooSung of The Rose)
  • Life Goes On

Fun facts:

  • Haegeum is a traditional Korean stringed instrument used on this track, but also a word meaning “liberation” or “freedom from a ban being lifted”
  • The amygdala is the part of the brain that forms intense memories caused by trauma, and turns these into instinctive fear responses
  • Life Goes On is SUGA’s original version of the track that eventually became the lead single from BE

Concert Info: D-Day World Tour, May-August 2023

Bastions – OT7 – April 2023 (Animated show theme song)

Take Two – OT7 – June 2023 (single)

Released for Festa 2023, their 10th anniversary.

Live performance here.

Fun fact: the lyrics include several repeated lines or call backs to many of their biggest hits. Find them all on the Doolset blog.

Layover – V – September 2023 (solo album)

Fun facts:

  • That’s V’s dog Yeontan on the cover of the Weverse version.
  • Slow Dancing remixes include the FRNK remix and Cautious Clay remix.

Concert info: Aside from show appearances, V did a mini-concert for Tiny Desk Korea.

Golden – Jung Kook – November 2023 (solo album)

  • 3D (feat. Jack Harlow) (prerelease single)
  • Seven (feat. Latto) (explicit version) (prerelease single)
  • Yes or No
  • Please Don’t Change (feat. DJ Snake)
  • Somebody
  • Shot Glass of Tears
  • Closer to You (feat. Major Lazer)
  • Standing Next to You (lead single)
  • Hate You
  • Too Sad to Dance
  • Seven (feat. Latto) (clean version)

Fun Facts:

  • Seven and 3D got pre-releases the summer before this album came out. As a result, both have several remixes.
  • Seven remixes include: Instrumental, Weekday set (Summer, Band), Weekend set (Island, Nightfall, Festival, and Lofi), Alesso remix.
  • 3D remixes include: instrumental, alternate version with Jack Harlow’s rap removed, sped up version, slowed down version, and A. G. Cook remix.
  • 3D has a version featuring Justin Timberlake (digital only), this replaces Jack Harlow’s rap with an original JT part.
  • Standing Next to You has a version featuring Usher (digital only), this replaces the second verse with Usher’s original verse.
  • Standing Next to You also has a Holiday Remix, along with a remixes album that includes: Slow Jam, PBR&B, Latin Trap, Future Funk, and Band Version.

Closer Than This – Jimin – December 2023 (solo single)

A song for ARMY released after the last 4 members enlisted. MV here.

FRI(END)S – V – March 2024 (solo single)

Surprise solo release from V while he was enlisted. MV here.

There’s also this lovely live performance created for W Korea, and an alternate version of that clip is on the W Korea website here.

Hope on the Street Vol. 1 – j-hope – March 2024 (solo album)

Soundtrack album for j-hope’s series on Amazon Prime, Hope on the Street, in which he performs different dance styles with different street dancers in cities around the world. Each track was used in a different episode.

  • on the street (solo version)
  • i wonder… (with Jung Kook of BTS) (episode: Popping in Osaka)
  • lock / unlock (with benny blanco & Nile Rogers) (episode: Locking in Seoul)
  • i don’t know (with HUH YUNJIN of LE SSERAFIM) (episode: House in Paris)
  • what if… (dance mix with Jinbo the Superfreak) (episode: Hip Hop in New York)
  • NEURON (with Gaeko & yoonmirae) (episode: NEURON in Gwanju)

Right Place, Wrong Person – RM – May 2024 (solo album)

  • Right People, Wrong Place
  • Nuts
  • out of love
  • Domodachi (ft. Little Simz)
  • ? (Interlude)
  • Groin
  • Heaven
  • LOST!
  • Around the world in a day (ft. Moses Sumney)
  • ㅠㅠ (Credit Roll)
  • Come Back to Me (Pre-release single)