BTS 101 Reference Lists

BTS ARMY Starter Kit – For complete newbies or for converting your friends.

BTS Full Discography – all their official, original musical releases in chronological order.

Meet the Team – Get to know the well-know members of BTS management, production, and performance staff.

History of kPop – We’re no experts, but here are a few notes on what the terms “First Generation,” “Second Generation,” and “Third Generation” mean.

History of BTS – learn about their pre-debut activities, individually and as a group.

Where BTS Lived – a little info on their past group dorms.

List of all Rookie King Episodes

List of all BTS Gayo Episodes

List of all Run BTS! Episodes

List of BTS In-Jokes, Memes, and Sayings

BTS Fan-Made Fun – Quizzes, funny articles, ARMY YouTube channels, and more time wasters

List of all MV Teaser Trailers

Wings Cover Art

Love Yourself Era Cover Art

MOTS:7 Cover Art

Lists embedded in the units:

  • Best music to start with is in Unit 2
  • List of All BTS Universe related content is in Unit 4
  • List of All Music Videos (MVs) is in Unit 4
  • List of All Dance Practice videos is in Unit 4
  • List of all tours is in Unit 7
  • List of all musical TV show appearances is in Unit 7 (including most American TV appearances)
  • List of variety show/skit appearances and memorable interviews is in Unit 9
  • List of Twitter Translators is in Unit 10
  • List of Merch Sellers is in Unit 11
  • List of other kPop groups to try is in Unit 12

External Links

Official BTS Website – Focused on their music and new releases, this is a good place to go when they have a comeback planned for updates on what’s coming out when, where to stream it, and sometimes supporting interviews and backstage information.

BTS’ first website – still a repository for many old log files and they still sometimes post there when they have a Soundcloud single or mixed tape coming out.

Weverse – BTS’ official platform for interacting with fans, it’s where you’ll find each member commenting or posting as individuals. Also your source for officially released digital photo sets, concerts that stream online, Run BTS episodes and the weekly behind-the-scenes, and old lives like Eat Jin, GCF, and member logs.

Bangtan Subs – these lovely volunteers have been around since the early days of BTS and have worked tirelessly for years to upload English subbed versions of all their content. Their website also includes some original videos that break down their music and (delightfully) their unique accents and catchphrases. Follow their YouTube channel too, and if you have any spare funds at all, it’s worth it to donate to their cause.

BTS Live Archive – most of their live streams are here, along with subs for the very oldest ones, a treasure!

Hybe Content Index – Every video ever made featuring BTS is listed in this epic spreadsheet. Live appearances, reality show episodes, fancams, concert footage, and more.

BTS ARMY Census – a Census taken in 2020 to try to understand BTS’ worldwide audience, this is a fascinating glimpse into the diversity of ARMY. Follow them on Twitter as well for updates and to participate in the next census.

Bangtan on Reddit – a massive fan-contributed repository of literally everything.

US BTS ARMY website – an enormous repository of links, videos, and photos, as well as info on current and upcoming events in a handy calendar format.

BTSxCanada site – Info on how to buy, stream, and radio request BTS songs in Canada as well as playlists for all streaming platforms.

The Roadmap – maintained by Landon Mark and other superfans, this spreadsheet aims to collect every BTS link ever.

BTS & ARMY Starter Guide – OMG, SO MUCH INFORMATION. Literally everything you want to know about BTS is here, laid out in a fun, easy-to-read format. You can also download it in PDF format. More info on their Twitter account.

BTS Video Archive – attempts to list and also archive all BTS video appearances – very comprehensive and you can watch a lot of their TV appearances here, including Hwarang.

BTS Content Index – an amazing spreadsheet that literally captures every piece of BTS video content online, with links to all. They also have a gorgeous website and post regular updates on Twitter (@index_bts).

History Day Index – an index of indexes compiled for History Day in February 2022 on Twitter.

Behind the Screen of Bangtan – a massive Tumblr site that has backstage scoop and trivia on pretty much every video ever released, plus more fun facts.

BTS Resources List – a great list of links containing lists of every BTS detail you need to know, maintained by Emily (@turnofphrase on Twitter)

Bangflix – This is a Spanish language website, but has some English content, and tries to link to online versions of every one of their major performances.

BTS Wiki – An excellent reference for everything related to BTS! A good place to learn more details about appearances or concerts you hear about in passing on the internet. Also a repository for many photos and lyrics. It hasn’t been updated in a couple of years, but for historical BTS info, it’s still indispensable.

BTS Diary – a fan-made site that also has a huge repository of info – this is an especially great place to download MP3s of their music that isn’t on Spotify or other streaming services.

Variety Show Appearances – a list of all their appearances on Korean variety shows as well as American late-night shows, on Reddit.

BTS vLive Carrd Index – a grouping of all their past vLives by member and by category, very helpful if you are looking for something in particular.

Bangtan Lexicon – learn the in-jokes and sayings of BTS in this online dictionary.

Bangtan Tumblr – an impressive gathering of photos from all their earliest events, like fansigns and very early show appearances

Articles List – List of all BTS articles in print and online, going back to 2013.

BTS Archive World – you might find some (illegal) concert videos to watch here.

Know of more essential third party resources? We’d love to list them here! Let us know via our contact page.